Thursday, April 27, 2006

Be Back Soon!

i am going out of town for several days, and so will most likely be unable to update this blog.

If you are looking for news about the standoff in Caledonia, please visit the SISIS and Autonomy and Solidarity websites.

There is also a website which is being put together by people in Six Nations.

Please remember that this Friday there are support rallies for the Six Nations people in Toronto and Ottawa, and an organizing meeting in Montreal.


What with the situation in Caledonia, i have been too busy to keep up with everything else happening. I would here like to point out that April has seen weeks of bloody demonstrations and a general strike against the draconian monarchy in Nepal. Key to this process has been the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – i wrote about the CPN(M) and the areas they control in the countyside a while back.

The Maoists have played a very constructive role in leading the movement against the king. The situation in Nepal is changing every day, but for those who re interested i recommend checking out the Red Flags blog, where an interesting discussion of developments has been taking place.


Also a reminder – there are May Day demonstrations happpening in Montreal this Saturday (organized by the trade unions, but with an interesting “angry workers” contingent) and on Monday itself organized by the Maoist RCP-OC.

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