Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sage Advice On "Indigenous Protests And Occupations" From Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney To Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The following from Kahentinetha Horn’s Mohawk Nation News:

MNN.  April 21, 2006.  On Thursday, April 20th, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney in Montreal.  Did they talk about the Six Nations crisis and how to end it?  We think they might have.  Mulroney's "been there, done that".


Did Mulroney tell Harper, "First, you gotta make those Indians look bad.  Hire some top public relations firms and put 3 negative stories out for every positive one that goes out.  Tell them the Indians are breaking the law.  Keep the civil issues out of court.  They have too many valid papers and good argument.   Concentrate on laying criminal charges wherever and however you can.  
"Confuse the public about the facts of the land issues.  Say they have no real evidence.    Allude constantly to the fact that they 'might' have weapons and criminal records.  Remember, the public won't read the word "might", they'll just read the words "weapons" and "criminal", which will scare them and keep them on our side.  This is now you manufacture the negative images so the public sees the Indians as the bad guys.  Say you are "defending law and order" {while you are evicting them from their legal property or stealing their resources).    Never mind that they might only have 2 by 4's, bats or a bag of stones.  Do not mention the millions of dollars you are spending to equip your police with M-16's, tasers, pepper spay, silencers and the latest in ultra high tech weaponry.  
"Announce that negotiations were planned and that you want to solve the crisis peacefully.  Don't mention that the People themselves have been shut out of negotiations.  You will only deal with representatives and negotiators who are on your payroll.  Pay off the press so they don't report any of the "wrong" opinions that might bring out the truth.    Distract public attention by announcing that you will go on a tour of reserves to find out what the people need.  Support a known adversary of Indians like Maurice Vellacott as chair for the Commons Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.  This man spoke up for the Saskatoon police officers who took the law into their own hands and abandoned native youth on the notorious 'starlight" tours leaving to freeze to death.          
"Announce your astonishment that the protesters won't leave peacefully.  Then surround them, point guns at them and do everything you can to scare them.  Forget about constitutional mobility rights.  Stop Canadian citizens who support the protesters from entering or leaving Six Nations territory.  If the Six Nations people keep resisting our invasion, some of them and even our cops might get killed or hurt.  Don't forget, there will be unarmed men, women and children there.  Remember that Indian Affairs policy has been to absorb the Indians into our "body politic" whether they want to be Canadians or not.  Your goal is to "clean it up" to allow American companies to make a mint by squatting on Indian land and turning Canadians into mortgage slaves.  Don't' forget Canada's economy has historically depended on clear cutting, mining, water diversions and generally despoiling the land.  The next time the Indians resist the government, you'll know what to do.  Set it up so there is no resistance.  You don't want another 'Oka' [the 1990 confrontation between the Mohawks and Quebec/Canada which brought in the police, the RCMP and then the army just like what's happening at Six Nations right now).
"An Indian occupation doesn't have to have many people.  All they want to do is to make a stand on a principle, like land title and resource rights.  Tell them, "You've made your point.  Now go home".   We use this line a lot.  Ignore the fact that there are no leaders.  Six Nations people, including our puppet government, agree that we are wrong.  We want to know and see who the main leaders and resisters are.  Yes, we need a target, someone to shoot at.  Don't forget we need to build up our military so we can support international American hegemony in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Don't forget, we got elected because of the support of American companies.  Don't bite the hands that feed us.  Keep saying, "No one will get hurt", if they do as they're told.  Let the main resisters know that the cops have every intention of taking them out.  Mind you, the cops don't want to do the killing of a resister.  Put native cops on the front line.  Talk about native factionalism all the time.  Train the cops to beat Indian prisoners so it doesn't leave bruises.  They'll die early of their injuries.  That's how we got rid of Lasagna of the Oka crisis.  It's dirty work but someone has to do it.  Bush and his illegal US administration will support us.  They want our resources.  The cops don't really care if they lose one of their own.  Does anyone remember Marcel LeMay who was killed at Oka?  If a cop gets killed by "friendly fire" pretend it was the "Injuns what done it".  
"What happens if the Indians take some of our cops as prisoners and they find out they've been duped?  You have to say it's the Stockholm Syndrome and he's gone crazy.  He probably will be treated well by them.  This might be a good time to run a feature on old missionary fables.    Be wary of him getting an education on Indian matters while he's on salary.  They might want to exchange him for some of their people we've taken.   What they're after is to carry out the original and legal nation-to-nation relationship that was worked out between us so long ago.  We have to avoid that at all cost.    
Then Stephen Harper downed his 6th beer and left Westmount for Ottawa to instruct his field officers on his ongoing battle with the Six Nations.  Eeks!  I woke up from this nightmare in a cold sweat.      

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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