Sunday, April 23, 2006


An excerpt from Butch Lee’s excellent book The Military Strategy of Women and Children:

We have to go back for a moment, back before patriarchal euro-capitalism reformed the world in its own image. White women don’t understand who we are because we’ve blocked understanding the specific civilization that we belong to. We have to go back to that contact between semi-feudal Europe, with its wooden sailing ships and musket-bearing soldiers, and the rest of the world. That meeting was not like we think it was.

The impact of expanding Europe on what is now called the Third World was supposedly a collision of advanced whites and undeveloped colored people, of euro-capitalism’s superior science and economic power overwhelming primitive tribes. But in 1492, when Christopher Columbus’ expedition ran into the Caribbean islands, Europe was not advanced over the nations of Asia, Afrika, the Middle East and the Western Hemisphere. It’s technology and economy were different, but not advanced or superior. It’s that difference that we gotta focus on.

In many respects, euro-civilization was both technologically and economically backward. Europe was known as a poor barbarian region isolated on the periphery of the trade routes between the world’s main civilizations. The level of development of the world-spanning Islamic trading civilization of the Turkish Ottoman empire, the Han empire of China, the Moghul empire of India, the many Afrikan nations and indigenous nations of the Western Hemisphere easily surpassed backward Europe. This is to say that Europe was not the center of knowledge and progress.

Most Europeans had no idea of what sanitation was. The English, for example, seldom washed (their medicine-men said that bathing was unhealthy). Euro-men were backward compared to the rest of the world in the applied sciences/technologies such as medicine, textiles, nutrition, metal-working and agriculture, had an elaborate system of S-M patriarchal superstitions which were enforced by a parasite caste of men who tortured and murdered women, and had the lowest standard of living of any major region on the face of the earth. i mean, this was a poor civilization. What we did have (or what had us) were the beginnings of euro-capitalism.

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  1. Odd how completely blind you are...No disrespect but
    euro capitolism "mainly english" was spearheaded by jewish financeers and profiteers. The european man being the best warriors were infested by jewish ideals "christianity" and made to do the dirty work of semites.
    Want to suudy the worst kind of capitolism look at the semites.
    And your hated george bush is the most modern manifestation of euro puppet..
    Look at his staff jews are like 2% of yankee population yet hold the highest key positions.

    Here in Canada one of our most noble Aborigional leaders "David ahenekew" had his order of canada stolen by jews who are less then 2% of the population because he questioned there unbalanced handle on power they have..