Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update on Caledonia Negotiations

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Attention News Editors:
Notice - Update on Caledonia Negotiations

     TORONTO, April 26 /CNW/ - Attached are points of accomplishment achieved today by the parties to the Caledonia negotiations. This includes the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, Canada and Ontario. This builds on the points of agreement reached on April 21.

     This material is being provided to the media and the public to ensure that both are kept apprised of developments.
Joint Statement of Accomplishments by
Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, Canada and Ontario
April 26, 2006

1.  Peaceful Resolution

         The parties all recognize the need for short and long term resolutions that restore and maintain peace.

2.  Douglas Creek Lands

          We have established a main table through which we will work to resolve the issues of the possession, use, development and occupation of the Douglas Creek lands. Currently a working group is developing recommendations intended to lead to a resolution of the Douglas Creek lands issues. The working group will report to the main table in the short term.

3.  Relationship with OPP

          A liaison-working group representing Haudenosaunee/Six Nations and the OPP has been making progress towards a relationship that is focused on trust and respect which includes open communication and patience.

4.  Long Term Resolution

        The parties have taken steps to appoint and to establish mandates for principal representatives who will have the responsibility to develop a detailed work plan to address and resolve the various outstanding issues in accordance with the April 21, 2006 agreement.

5.  Disengagement

         Through building a relationship between Haudenosaunee/Six Nations and the governments of Canada and Ontario and by working towards resolution of the short and long term issues, the parties are moving toward achieving disengagement which would result in the clearing of public roads and provide assurance of the safety of rail lines.

  For further information: Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, Sue Jacobs,    (905) 765-1749; Leroy Hill, (905) 765-1749; Canada: Monique Doiron, Indian and  Northern Affairs Canada, (416) 973-8111; Greg Coleman, Indian and Northern  Affairs Canada, (416) 973-2281; Ontario: Ginette Albert, Minister David  Ramsay's Office, (416) 314-2212; Anne-Marie Flanagan, Minister David Ramsay's  Office, (416) 327-0654; Rosemary Sampson, Ontario Secretariat for Aboriginal  Affairs, (416) 326-4780

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