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Dave General Marches to Colonial “Goose Step” With Canada and Ontario on Six Nations People

This is further reaction from Kahentinetha Horn to the “Best Western” negotiations being held ni Brantford to discuss the standoff in Caledonia:

MNN.  April 14, 2006.  Dave "Colonial Point Man" General is Canada and Ontario's real estate agent.  His job is to deliver the goods to them.  Dave General wants money and business "as usual".  He has personally committed the band council to take action to end the protest at Douglas Creek Estates immediately.  He has asked that "John and Jane Doe" (how about John and Jane Buck?) cause no problems as they are peacefully removed from the site of the protest by the OPP 'black shirted' Gestapo.  (They're sending in Special Forces to try and make what they're doing look legit).  He wants Henco Industries to continue their illegal housing development on Six Nations land.

Henco Industries owner, Mr. Hancock, and his lawyer, Mr. Hennings, seem to be able to get mainstream media attention that we can't get.  They appeared on television last night adamantly demanding, "We have court orders, injunctions, arrest warrants (manpower and fire power).  We want the cops to do their job."  There was no media coverage at the protest.  It was decided at a recent meeting of the US, Canada, Ontario, Quebec, the band councilors, most policing agencies on both sides of the border and the media to completely black out any news about any attacks on our people.  Unless, of course, it reflects us in a negative light.      

Dave General presented a position paper put together by the gang at the Indian Affairs War Room.  They did not acknowledge the Confederacy chiefs. Dave General totally absolved Canada and Ontario of any responsibility for the reasons for the protest. Someone at the meeting did speak up to say that the band council has nothing to do with our lands.  He was quickly shot down.  

Anyone crossing the line will face the People who are standing firm in upholding the law.  Come on!  The protesters demands have not been met. We want the development to completely stop.  We want respect for our ownership of this land.  Instead of accepting the responsibility for the fraud by Ontario in giving Henco Industries illegal title to our land, Dave and his cohorts are trying to make the Six Nations People pay the price.  

We cannot and will not end the protest.  We can be physically evicted.   They can get out their tanks and ride right over us, grinding our flesh and bones into the ground following the precedent set at Tianamen Square. Hey, Dave!

Shame!  Shame!  At the "Bag of Wind" negotiation meeting at the Best Western an anonymous note was passed around suggesting that the band council building be locked up until Dave is impeached.  History repeats itself.  There was a big to-do about locking the People out of the Agricultural Hall after the legitimate government was deposed by Canada in the 1920's.  

Dave General agreed to the government giving his band council some money to speed up certain land claims around the territory.  (So what was in it for you, Dave?)  Other lands will come back.  Don't celebrate.  They're not giving them back in the condition they stole them in.  They're now polluted and unlivable.    

Canada says it wants to put in place measures taken from the Haida Taku and Mikisew Cree court decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada.  This is sort of like saying that a US decision concerning American relations with Paraguay is binding on Canada!  Do you really think the Canadian public would go for that?

Besides, the Six Nations situation is completely different from Haida Nation, Taku River and the Mikisew Cree.  The Haida Nation and Taku River are in British Columbia.  There were no treaties or promises of protection from the Crown.  The Mikisew Cree are supposed to be part of Treaty No. 8.  If their participation was invalid,  they're in the same position as the British Columbia nations.  If it was valid, the treaty specifically consents to settler occupation of their land.  The Six Nations situation is completely different.  Here we have an explicit unilateral representation made by General Haldimand  that the British Crown would protect the Six Nations' right to occupy land for six miles on either side of the Grand River forever.  There is no ambiguity involved.  It is simply a matter of making sure that Canada upholds the honor of the Crown.  They were to never allow any encroachment.

There have been promises of future monies and lands for hundreds of years.  None have ever come through.  But never mind the old transgressions.  Let's look at recent events.  

Kanehsatake/Oka is a prime example.  Remember the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990 when Canada and Quebec sent in the SQ and the Canadian Army with guns blazing?  The governments made all kinds of promises and never implemented any of them.  We have over 250 square miles of unsurrendered lands that Canada wanted.  We always resisted the Indian Act.  We were supposed to get some land. Canada never came through.  Instead they succumbed to the pressure of the Quebec government, just the same as Canada is succumbing to Ontario.  Ontario does not want to give any lands back to the Indians or pay what they owe for past violations of Six Nations' rights.  Ontario is afraid of setting a precedent.  The Bear Island people have already tried to claim back their rights to the unsettled resource rich areas of northern Ontario.  Ontario doesn't want that.  

As Canada did not exist at the time of these agreements, the federal crown has taken over the position of the British Crown in its relations with the Indigenous peoples.  Section 109 of the Constitution of Canada states that Canada must always place the interests of the Indigenous people before that of Canada and its provinces.  This respects the Indigenous constitutional jurisdiction to Canada.  The Indian Act is a violation of this nation-to-nation relationship respected by the Kaianereh'ko:wa/Great Law and the British North America Act 1867.  Indigenous Peoples have never validly surrendered any lands and resources or sovereignty according to the means set out in Section 132 of their constitution.    

Today the Crown in right of Canada has become custodian of the obligations to uphold the Haldimand Agreement.  At the turn of the century, the British Privy Council and the Supreme Court of Canada determined that Canada must always act with utmost legality toward the Indigenous people.  They are the trustees of the Crown's obligations to us.  Canada is in breach of their trust responsibility to carry out their constitution.    

Dave General doesn't represent the Six Nations People.  He speaks for Canada and Ontario.  We, the People, were treated like outsiders at that Best Western meeting.  There was no consultation with the people concerning what would be negotiated.  Those who went were not allowed to participate.  This agreement does not include us by any stretch of the imagination.  They can negotiate a solution with their puppet band council, with their Liars Club sitting at the top of Mount Olympus or with the Easter Bunny.  It really doesn't matter.  None of these represent the Six Nations People.  So the accord they produced is imaginary.      

We continue to call for an independent mediator from the international community whom  doesn't have any interest in the outcome, and who is agreeable to both sides.  Dave General, you must sit with Canada and Ontario across the table from the Six Nations people.  

Not that their shenanigans are any surprise.  We knew what they were going to do.  They are following the old colonial "goose step".  They want to grind us under their heels.  

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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