Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Montreal Public Assembly to Organize Solidarity with Six Nations

When? Friday April 28th @ 6pm
Where? DIRA
Address: 2035 St-Laurent, 3rd Floor
Metro: St-Laurent

This is a call-out for all groups and individuals interested in joining forces to organize support for the ongoing Six Nations Land Reclamation. The Assembly will focus on the formation of committees, and strategizing for each area of work.

Groups who've expressed interest include: IPSM, PASC, SAB, PPL, CLAC Latin America, NOII, CAPMA and ISM. So please, if you recieve this email, pass it on to your members.

The proposed committees, so far, include:

1. Transport: coordination of rides to and from Six Nations
2. Finance/Legal: budgets for transportation, supplies, money for Six Nations, legal support, etc.
3. Action: Montreal solidarity actions and coordination with toronto support
4. Information: collecting and creating info, from the ground, and translating it into French and Spanish.

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