Wednesday, April 26, 2006


There is a new website up - - which you should all check out. From its own self-description:

This website is designed to provide news updates and background information regarding the ongoing confrontation between onkwehonwe (native people) and police forces on the Douglas Creek lands in Caledonia, Ontario.

It is designed to assist the Hodinoshoni (the Iroquois Confederacy) achieve its goal of achieving a just and peaceful resolution of this dispute. (This is not the official website of the Iroquois Confederacy because there is no such thing.)

Regardless of how the confrontation at the site is resolved, the Confederacy has already won two major victories:

  1. the Six Nations elected band council has recognized the Confederacy as the body which should negotiate this matter on behalf of the entire community

  2. the federal Government has committed itself to negotiations with the Confederacy over this matter, the 1st time it has recognized the authority of the Confederacy since it imposed the band council system on the community in 1924.

We invite you to read through this site and pass this information on to others.

The information on this site will be updated regularly so check back often.

So check it out!

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