Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not Welcome On My Blog

always interesting to see what fuckers are dropping by - this from today's visitor log


  1. I remember getting hit by the US Department of Justice when we started our big "Say no to torture, Say no to Gonzales" bid...

    Could be just someone surfing in, but then you never know. Nothing's private anymore.

  2. We're gettin it too. Funny we posted something of a response to the amount of traffic we're getting from gc.ca and gov.on.ca just today. They're really watching people who blog about the stand off right now. We got an email about an increase in police presence today. We were there on Sunday and everything was calm. Something is about to happen. We posted the email on our blog.

  3. HONESTLY! it's like the media has dropped this story completely in all mediums.

    It's completely ridiculous what's happening in terms of blocking media coverage on this...

    I think they are covering up this story so our people don't find out about it and rise up.

    I have been doing my part to let people know what's going on, but I have found that even well-informed Aboriginal people my community of KW (only 45 minutes away from the protest) have no clue what's happening...

    it's like they think if no one knows about it, did it really happen...

  4. Everyone, I'm so glad to see you're all posting about it too, and concerned as I am! Up till I read kespledeb's previous post here (to which I'd written a long comment), I thought I was the only one posting about this grave injustice. Good to know there are other like-minded people here!

    (Don't know how I missed seeing the headlines of your postings on ProgBlogs.)

    I wish I had a blog-counter like yours too! I've also noticed on my Sitemeter that the gc.ca and gov.on have been viewing my site since I've started posting about the Six Nations over a week ago.

    The media have been strangely silent! I've emailed my contact at Rogers CableTV to see if she can get someone out there to cover it. Don't know if she was successful, as I haven't heard back yet.

    I'll be looking up smoker's site next!

    Take care all, and please keep updating, in case I miss something. I've bookmarked all your sites. Also, my email address is on mine, so if there's anything you don't want to post on your blogs, but feel I should know about, please email me. Just be sure to put something in the subject so that I know it's you.

    Take care, and let's hope things don't turn too ugly in Caledonia. Sadly, nothing surprises me anymore about our government. Or the U.S.'s for that matter.


  5. I have been visited by the air force and the US Department of Ag, I they wanted to know if I was starting the migrant uprising.

    BTW, thanks for the blogroll.