Saturday, April 22, 2006

Announcement of A&S Video and Resource Page On Six Nations Standoff

i received this from Autonomy & Solidarity this morning:

Dear friends and comrades,

From time to time we use this list to let you know about the projects we are undertaking and of updates to our website. In this message we would like to let you know that we have created a special resource page on our website with news articles, photos, videos, and up to date information about what is happening at the Six Nations Caledonia Blockade and the political context surrounding this struggle. As you most likely know this struggle has exploded into a serious conflict after a vicious police attack on protestors on the morning of April 20th.   Most recently we have posted a series of videos taken by A&S members that include footage of the camp, interviews with a member of the Mohawk warrior society, Mohawk Elder Jaqueline House, and Six Nations resident Robin Williams, and Mike D. who witnessed the police attack on the camp.  We also have video footage of the Mohawk barricade on Highway 6 being constructed.


All of this material is available on our website at and can be freely appropriated for use by other activist sites and networks. We also encourage you to add material to our site by logging in and posting comments to update stories or provide additional information.

We also have an RSS feed for all material posted to our site dealing with the Six Nations occupation at Caledonia, so if you or your organization has a website with the capability to integrate newsfeeds we encourage you to link to us.  Our Caledonia/Six Nations feed can be found at:

Finally, the Six Nations activists blockading the Douglas Creek Estates request your assistance is coming to Caledonia to support them and folks  in Toronto are co-ordinating rides to and from Caledonia.  If you are looking for a ride to the blockade or if you can offer space  in your vehicle, please call Nick at 416-531-1831.

There is also an online ride board at

You can find more information on the blockade at

Driving directions from Toronto

  • Take the QEW west to Highway 403

  • Exit at Highway 403 and take it until Highway 6 South

  • Follow Highway 6 South all the way into Caledonia (at one point you  will have to make a right turn in order to keep following the highway -  follow the sign pointing to Caledonia).

  • Drive into Caledonia until you reach Caithness St. (also Highway 54), go East (left) on Caithness which becomes Munsee St. in Cayuga.

  • Stop at the Canadian Tire

  • it's easy to spot since the parking lot  is full of media vans. Park there.

  • Walk the rest of the way to the blockade along Caithness St.

What to bring, what to expect

DRESS WARMLY. Dress for rain.

If you can, it's a good idea to bring a tent, sleeping bag, blanket, etc. If you don't have these that's fine. Do be aware that the blockade is on a construction site, so expect mud, wind, and rough,  improvised accommodations. If you're staying overnight, don't count on getting a full night's sleep!

The blockade is well supplied with food, so you don't need to bring all your meals. Any food that you can contribute will be a big help, though. Depending on the circumstances you may also be able to go to Caledonia to eat.

There is a constant need for gas to run the generator. If you can bring any cans of gas (regular unleaded) to contribute, please do so.  

Other supplies the blockaders are requesting:

  • AAA batteries

  • Disposable plates and cutlery

  • Milk of magnesia

  • Firewood and lumber

Finally, any monetary donations you can make will be greatly  appreciated. You can make cheques out to "Janie Jamieson".

In Struggle
Autonomy & Solidarity.


  1. Just thought I'd mention that the only people hurt in the raid - were the actual police.... thinking might not have been so vicious after all.

  2. At least - the police weren't vicious...