Thursday, April 20, 2006

Media Roundup re: Six Nations Reclamation

What kind of day was this, where hundreds of Ontario Provincial Police swarmed a peaceful Mohawk land reclamation?

The answer, of course, is that today was a day like any other.

Centuries of colonialism, settlerism, genocide, racism… different words which in this case describe the same process of displacement, marginalization and violent oppression.

I had to laugh seeing a white woman complaining in the video footage on the Pulse site – “Are they going to try and take your land? That’s the big issue,” she said. Ironic no?

What follows is a list of some of the news stories and press releases that have come out today.

Once again: people need to get to the reclamation site in Caledonia if they can (directions below). If you can’t (and let’s face it, most of us can’t) that doesn’t mean nothing can be done. This continent is full of targets. For starters, any wall can be postered, any news outlet can be picketed, any politician can be protested, any street corner can be leafleted.

Oh yeah, and there’s one hell of a lot of land that can be occupied…


  1. you're dirt. you don't know anything about the current situation in caledonia, if the occupied natives believe the land is theirs, than they should have made the claim before it was developed.

  2. Anonymous, you should be ashamed of yourself for calling the writer "dirt". To make it even more insulting, you do it 'anonymously'.

    Learn more about the issue before you post your diatribes. The blogger who posts here is merely telling the truth. Check your facts, and be a normal person and apologise.

    You can start by checking out this site: Turtle Island News

    The Six Nations people have been making claims about that land for a long time. Origininally they were 'granted' a much larger parcel for their loyalty to Britain during Britain's war with the American colonists, but subsequently they were swindled out of more and more. However, that tract along the Grand River is rightfully theirs. So check your facts!!

  3. Thank you, kersplebedeb, for your excellent updated posts about this issue. The protesters just want their voices heard and their concerns heeded by a qualified, impartial mediator, not someone who is serving the governments. They have a valid grievance, and it must be addressed without resorting to violence by the police. Secret 'Best Western-style' meetings will not do.


  4. I just got back from Douglas Creek/Caledonia. According to an anonymous source, the canadian military will begin arriving at the Hamilton Airport at 9:30am tomorrow--already a staging area for the OPP.

    Things are quiet there as of 1am. There are a lot of supporters behind the barricades, but very few canadian supporters where the police are.

  5. iggy the anonymous asshole...he's dirt

    thanks so much for making this info available

    i come here for it specifically

    and no i wont be keeping it to my chest :)

  6. The Indians in Canada are protesting about their land. I think the world land belongs to all people. No one is exclusive. It has been the white man that developed North America. How much has the Indian contributed to the development of North America? Has it not be other races that has developed the automobile and the list can go on and on. The Indian can be thankful for all that they have free. All other citizens have to pay taxes and contribute to society but our government pay each Indian thousands of dollars each year towards all their well being. If the public only really knew the millions that goes out to one race and and the rest of us are paying for this. We don't get free health care and so goes the list.... on and on and on.

  7. My question is "How good of records do the Indians have about land claims?" Talking to people that deal with the Indians is that from one week something that is agreed upon will change the next week stating that was not so. There is a good chance that somewhere along the years one of the natives agreed to give land away but never recorded.

  8. sorry for spreading what turned out to be 'airport rumors'. It wasn't an military plane that landed, instead, it was an RCMP plane, and he saw 8 rcmp armored vehicles at the airport--though I couldn't see them tonight went I went.

  9. I witnessed that comment about "taking our land" on the news yesterday. And I have to say that I almost laughed myself to death. Canadians are as clueless as Americans when it comes to "politics", with the usual Eurocentric mindset clouding their every judgement. Case in point, dipsh*t remark by "anonymous said" at 11:33 pm.

    I wanted to ask the webmaster, though -- or anyone else who can provide the answer -- for information about the 3 RCMP officers who died in the days (or weeks?) leading up to the Ipperwash inquiry. I remember reading about the one who died on the 401, days before he was about to testify. Who were the other two? Any info. you can direct me to would be appreciated.

    My thoughts and prayers and solidarity are obviously with my Six Nations brothers and sisters. If it weren't for a physical disability, I'd be up there now fighting the man.