Monday, April 24, 2006

Maoist Mayday?

The RCP-OC, a Maoist pre-party formation, is holding a May Day demonstration next Monday May 1stn (the main Mayday demo is being held on April 31st this year), in Montreal’s Parc Ex. neighbourhood. I have been assured that non-MLs are welcome, and everyone can bring their own signs and banners. It might be interesting… here is the text of their call out:

Demonstration for International Workers Day
Monday, May 1st at 6:00 p.m.
Gathering at the Parc Metro Station
(corner of Jean-Talon and Park Avenue)


May First is a day for demonstrating international solidarity between all the workers of the world, as they unite against all exploiters and ruling classes of the world. It is an internationalist rally of all the forces struggling on the side of those who have nothing to lose but their chains, dreaming of a world with no exploitation.

But we are very far from that today. While we commemorate the memory of the strikers who were hanged in Chicago on May 1st, 1886, did we see tremendous changes on workers' conditions since 120 years at the world level? After more than a century and a half of capitalist "development", the shameful exploitation of the world's resources and of the life of billions of workers by a handful of wealthy capitalists and their states, is just getting worst.

Today more than ever, in front of the capitalist crisis and as rebellions are raising, the imperialist powers are maintaining their power by force, depriving tens of millions of people from the right to work and from the most basic material well-being: in Afghanistan (why these Canadian soldiers, if not for waging war in a new conquered territory?), in Iraq, in Palestine: nothing for the peoples, all for imperialists' pockets.

In China, thousands of peasantry rebellions are raising throughout the country in order to resist against wild capitalism and corruption, which are developing at great speed. On the other side of the spectrum, in Europe, in Canada and in the US like never before, the capitalist States are imposing important setbacks to the rights of the workers, of the immigrants, of the unemployed and of "illegal migrants." By doing so, they protect the right of their own bourgeoisie facing competition from the new rookies in the Top 10 exploiters of the world: India and China.

Even here in Québec and Canada, who can remember our last victories against the capitalists? Setbacks on migrant and refugees' rights; setbacks on working conditions; layoffs and closings in the manufacturing and clothing sectors; setbacks for the child minders in Québec, for the hospital workers in the public sector, etc.

So: is it time to step back? Surely no. It is with great distress that we learned this year that the unions and their allied student associations in Québec, gave up commemorating May First the day of, as millions of workers throughout the world will do.

That day -- the only one that belongs to the international proletariat thus in a symbolic way -- is not another festival to add or displace in the calendar. We are asked for that day to act in international solidarity and in support of the peoples' struggles and movements which are fighting capitalism and imperialism. We must join with those who want to change the world.

This is why we call all those wishing to demonstrate next May First, to take to the streets in the most international workers' neighborhood, for a rally under the banner of a "Revolutionary and Internationalist May First". REVOLUTIONARY, because it must express our will to change the world and build far more than a resisting movement; INTERNATIONALIST, because it must be in solidarity with all the workers of the world!

The gathering for the demonstration will be at 6:00 p.m. at the Parc Metro Station (corner of Jean-Talon and Park Avenue) in the Park- Extension area. We will walk behind a non-affiliated lead banner. Bring your own one, your flags and be there with enthusiasm!

Let's support the struggles of the exploited from all around the world!
Let's be revolutionary and internationalist on May First in Montreal!

A call from the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees)
Parti communiste révolutionnaire (comités d'organisation)
Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees)
Comptoir Saint-Clément
C.P. 60556
Montréal (Québec)
H1V 3T8
514 409-2444

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  1. What's with the sickle in the poster? There are few if any peasants in Canada. Certainly not a class of them. We have fully capitalist farming here.

    One problem with the marxist Left worldwide is its lack of competent self-criticism -- which includes proper class analysis; and the digesting of experience -- oneself's and others'.

  2. To the Comandante: I agree that the sickle may seen incongruent in a country like Canada. But I think that, at this point, the symbol is generally upheld for its historical association with the first seizure of power by forces attempting proletarian revolution. Allow the sickle to represent "allies of the proletariat."

  3. I am curious about the RCP-OC and have not been able to see much besides an occassional protest shot and their website.

    What is your assessment of their politics and capacities in Quebec?

    Are they throughout Canada, or are they Quebequois?

    Do they still uphold this idea of "protracted people's war" in advanced capitalist countries? That's the rumor anyway...

    Whenever you get some time it would be an illuminating post.

  4. Pictures from the demo, as well as a short report, are now available on