Monday, April 03, 2006

Five New Titles at Kersplebedeb

I figured i should let all of you know – i have just received five new titles which i am adding to my catalog. I like them all, but i am particularly excited about Dan Berger’s new book Outlaws of America, and also the swag of remaindered copies of Hauling Up The Morning which i scored – i didn’t know if i’d ever be able to get more copies of this hard to find classic, but i did!

To order, please email me at – wholesale rates are available to stores or groups.

Without further ado, here’s the titles…

New Titles From AK Press

prices in US funds

Dreams of Freedom; A Ricardo Flores Magon Reader, edited by Chaz Bufe and Mitchell Cowen Verter. For the first time ever the writings of this contemporary of Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa have been published in English. Includes a lengthy biographical sketch that places Magon’s work in historical context, a comprehensive chronology, bibliography, and an introduction by Benjamin Maldonado. 420 pages - AK Press $19.95

Outlaws of America; The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity, by Dan Berger. The best book devoted to the Weather Underground so far. Berger is both sympathetic and critical of Weather, but from a left-wing perspective. Unlike other authors who have tackled this subject, Berger is not interested in whining about Weather’s adopting armed struggle against the United States government, but rather examines their successes and failues in living up to their own standards, specifically in regards to anti-racism and anti-sexism. An excellent book. 432 pages - AK Press $20.00

The Trouble With Music, by Mat Callahan, with a foreword by Boff Whalley of Chumbawamba. An anarchist looks at music and what it is becoming under capitalism. An interesting read. 245 pages - AK Press $18.95

"New" Remaindered Titles

Hauling Up the Morning/Izando la Manana - writings & art by political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United States. Edited by political prisoners Ray Luc Levasseur and Tim Blunk, with an introduction by Black Liberation Army fugitive Assata Shakur, this book contains paintings, poetry, essays and prose by dozens of imprisoned revolutionaries in the United States. 408 pages REMAINDERED $10.00

Women, Development and Labor of Reproduction: Struggles and Movements, edited by Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Giovanni F. Dalla Costa. An international, feminist anti-capitalist look at reproductive politics. Contributors include Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis. Remaindered - 197 pages 7.50

p.s. For what it’s worth, i now have my latest catalog up as a PDF – you can download it here (500 KB)

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