Thursday, April 20, 2006

Montreal Demonstration In Solidarity With Six Nations

WHEN: Today April 20th 6pm
WHERE: Cabot Square (Atwater at St. Catherines St)

Early this morning the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) raided Six Nations at the development site on the Haldimand Tract; land belonging to Six Nations.
The OPP entered with M-16's. A show of 1000 OPP officers resulted in the arrests of 9 individuals. Helicopters are flying over the territory. This extreme show of force on indigenous land is uncalled for and intolerable.

In response to the OPP's actions against the SIX NATIONS Encampment
this morning, April 20th, gather to protest at 6pm. Your support is
required. For more information contact IPSM at 848-7583.

Appel d'urgeance!
Manifestation de support de la sourvernité de Six Nations
QUAND: AUjourd`hui, Le 20 Avril, 18:00
Où: Park Cabot (rue Atwater et St.Catherine)

Tôt ce matin, la police provinciale d`ontario a envahit la communauté des Six Nations sur le site du dévélopement de condos sur Le Tract Haldimand; le territoire appartenant aux Six Nation. L`entrée de 1000 officièrs avec les M-16 a résulté en arrestation de 9 personnes. Les helicopteres patrouillent toujours le terrain. Cette démonstration de force excessive et intolérable et inutile.

En réponse aux actions du PPO contre les six nations venez protester aujourd`hui le 20 Avril à 18:00. Votre solidarité est cruciale! Pour plus d`information contactez IPSM à 848-7583

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  1. Get your facts straight. There certainly were not 1000 police. You just basically made yourself look incompetent.