Monday, April 24, 2006

CTV Reports Racist Protest "Turns Ugly"

This just up on the CTV site… will keep you posted for more:

Counter-protest at land dispute site turns nasty
Updated Mon. Apr. 24 2006 9:39 PM ET News
A dispute over a native land occupation at Caledonia, Ont. has taken a nastier turn, with a counter-protest from non-native residents leading to one arrest.

About 500 residents descended on the protest site Monday night, yelling insults at the protesters and calling for them to end their standoff.

They also waved Canadian flags and called for police to "let us through" and "open the road."

When police put the arrested individual in a police cruiser, a crowd of residents swarmed the cruiser.

The residents outnumbered the 100 police on site, who had been keeping them about 100 metres from the 100 native protesters, who had reinforcements join them.

However, they slowly pushed the police back. One resident tried to cross the police line, but the police turned him back.

Earlier in the evening, a crowd of about 3,000 people gathered at a rally over the ongoing dispute, now in its seventh week.

While organizers called for a quick, peaceful resolution, heated arguments started breaking out in the crowd.

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  1. Anyone with experience with police/state/mercenary dirty trix knows that either this kind of stuff happens naturally -- in which case the above gangsters don't have to lift a finger -- or they MAKE it happen. They will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING they can get away with. (Which is why it's so galling -- to me -- that the north american Left is so clueless about the nature of their class enemy. The term 'bringing a knife to a gunfight' always comes to mind...)

    These people are seriously mean, vicous and bad -- and there's something even dangerously unhinged about the whole Rightwing -- and they do really need to be fucked-with in the worst way, right back, as they do NOT take a hint. (Generally, I mean: I don't presume to tell the indians what their strategy must be here).

    Anyone who thinx that the Rightwing in Canada ain't going to try and get their kilo of Indian flesh here, is dreaming in glorious technicolor.

  2. This is so fucking manufactured. The more vicious the canadian supremacists act out, the greater need for the politicians to demand the protestors give up their land 'in the name of peace'.

    Did the Voortrekkers used to march on homelands like this?

  3. duh, i'm one of them there rightwingers who support the Haudenosaunee confederation 100%. with a new federal regime in place, hopefully the land disputes put on hold by the liberal government so they can figure out a way to fill their pockets will now move along. dealing with the conservative government shouldn't be the same ole thievery and corruption. sheesh. the first nations have had to deal with changes in government before. this is the perfect timing for this resolution. wake up canada.

  4. I was at the rally, so I can tell you exactly what took place there. (I wasn't going to attend as I felt that things were going pretty good as all parties were deciding who was going to sit at the negotiation table etc.)

    There were about 2000 people there. The media said but 3000 but it is well known that they cannot count. They usually double or triple the number of people that were actually there.

    There were some boos when Brian Haggith of the (OPP) Ontario Provincial Police spoke as people pretty much want the roads opened up again. sometimes it was hard to hear as the spy plane kept circling.

    The main organizer spoke and he was very eloquent and expressed what I felt were my wishes. Those being that the government must deal with the land claims so that these types of blockades will not be necessary in the future. (There were cheers for this.)There was nothing rascist in his words at all and over all there were the encouragement to keep the peace.

    There were some comments in the crowds regarding natives and the OPP but basically the people next to the idiots told them to shut up. A young man who had been a finalist on Canadian Idol led us in the singing of O Canada and I went home. It was good up until that point.

    People were dispersing and then a bunch gathered around the OPP and started yelling at them.

    Then every normal person went home to bed and every idiot and those who wanted to watch the idiots went over to the barricade. This is when it got ugly...racial slurs etc. There were some idiot adults but mainly it was idiot boy teenagers who were probably itching for a fight (just like some young native boys who like to get into's a guy thing). There was entirely too much testosterone in one place.

    Huge backlash this morning from the normal people against those who went to the barricade and made fools of themselves..... should be some interesting letters to the editor. The media does nothing to encourage peaceful resolution of this or even represent the majority of the people. They don't report all the facts, just the ones that sell stories. They are happy to show the goons on both sides instead of the ones who are encouraging peace.

    However, it is really trying having both main arteries closed through town, schools closed, daycares closed, transport trucks in subdivisions etc.,people not being able to go to work, businesses hurt.

    I have been reading a particular native website which I absolutely love. They have phrases "bring a good mind" or "keep a good mind" or "keep a strong mind" (something like that) What a great statement! The non natives at the barricade last night brought "no mind".

    I pray for those who will sit at the negotiating table to bring all of their wisdom and their "good, strong mind" so that a true peace can be brought to all of the people in Six Nations and Caledonia.