Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update on Secwepemc Native Youth Movement picket

From: Secwepemc Radio
Date: Apr 25, 2006 12:46 AM

Weytk from Secwepemc'ulucw,
Here are some pictures of the Secwepemc from Neskonlith, we are with you all the way. We are broadcasting interviews on the Six Nations Caledonia resource page on Secwepemc Radio 91.1 FM. Secwepemc Radio is authorized to broadcast by the Okanagon-Secwepemc Confederacy (NOT by the crtc).

People have been camped along the Trans-Canada Highway there are 4000+ vehicles that pass by every day.

Mindy is the contact person at the picket, she can be reached at
or cell: (250) 852-1491 this cellphone is at the camp

We also brothers from our community that have taken the trip to help out there to help.

Neskie Manuel

Radio Volunteer

Secwepemc Radio 91.1 FM


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