Wednesday, April 26, 2006

THIS FRIDAY: Toronto Rally in Support of Six Nations

Rally against Minister of Indian Affairs Jim Prentice in solidarity with Six Nations
Friday April 28th6:30 at Kings College Circlenorth of college (in the field)west of university ave.

As solidarity actions are taking place in Tyendinaga, Vancouver, and Montreal, including the blockading of the railway in Tyendinaga, its our responsability to bring as much public pressure as possible to bear on Jim Prentice, the Indian Affairs minister, as he comes to Toronto to speak on "First Nations self-governance". This is the colonial master who had the ability to end the threats by the OPP yet refuses to end this matter in a just and responsible way, and has chosen to use paramilitary force instead. So join people on Friday to bring this message to the minister. We need as many people as possible to help build this protest.

For 55 days now, the community of the Six Nations Haudensaunee Confederacy has held a blockade to defend land that is rightfully theirs from further encroachment by real estate developers and the Canadian government. Early Thursday morning, the OPP tried to break the blockade in a pre-dawn raid by sending cops with guns drawn to pepper spray, beat and arrest community members. The government hoped to remove resistance to the development of Six Nations land by Henco Industries Ltd. The Six Nations community mobilized in response and drove the OPP out, restoring the blockade.

The community has asked or outside support, as they know that the OPP/Military could seize upon any sign of weakness to move against the blockade again--night times are particularly vulnerable.

Every night for some time, Six Nations community members have been on alert against the possibility of police attack. Forecasts suggest it might be raining, and people from Toronto are going to provide support through the night to those who have been defending this blockade for several weeks.

For more information,call 416-997-1562 oremail ocap @

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  1. go easy on prentice. he's just been given the responsibility to handle the portfolio. he's been a tireless fighter with first nations people while in the opposition. thirteen years of liberal government stalling and avoiding "shouldn't" happen with prentice. don't alienate and deflate his heart to help. more flies with honey...