Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Steelworkers call for peace, not provocation in land claims dispute

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TORONTO - United Steelworkers' National Director Ken Neumann said Wednesday that the large number of Steelworker members who live in Caledonia and on the Six Nations Reserve make it important for the union to have a position regarding the stand-off over land claims in the troubled community.

"The important message following the police actions and then the clashes involving other community members is that it is imperative for this dispute to be settled peacefully, without provocation from anyone," said Neumann.

"All levels of government have ignored the claims by the Six Nations for land they say has never been relinquished, and now the entire Caledonia region is paying the price. Pitting community against community is where government inaction has led. It seems that lessons from the past have gone unlearned.

"Land claims have been settled in the past and can be settled now, but it requires a commitment to make the best agreement possible.

"Our communities have lived side by side in peace for generations. It is the union's position that peaceful co-existence must continue."

Neumann urged Steelworker members, both native and non-native, to support a peaceful resolution.

The United Steelworkers represents 288,000 men and women working in every sector of Canada's economy.

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