Friday, April 21, 2006

Some Folks Do Get It

The following extended quote is from an article in this morning’s London Free Press.

i am certainly not going to be re-posting every mainstream media article, but will try and do another “media roundup” later today. However, the following is worth highlighting at the moment in order to dispel the racist lies being oh-so-innocently spread by the media, about scary lawless injuns and poor white volk who just wanna be left alone.

You see, some folks do get it:

Kathy Maher says everyone should take a lesson from the natives who forced the OPP to retreat from a disputed subdivision here yesterday.

"They all stick together and they all help each other," Maher said.

And they're the only ones prepared to stick it to the government, she said.

A resident of Argyle Street in this town south of Hamilton, Maher lives next door to Douglas Creek Estates, the housing subdivision that's been occupied by native protesters since Feb. 28.

Sitting on her lawn chair in the no-man's land between the police lines and a native barricade about 100 metres down the road, Maher said she was glad to see the protesters return after police moved in and arrested 16 of them before dawn.

When police launched the raid, not one stopped by to explain what was happening and to check if her family's home was all right.

But the natives did, she said.

"I had about six natives stop and make sure we were OK. They said, 'If you need anything, let us know.' "

One native woman talked to her kids as well, she said.

"She said not to be scared, that it is OK."

"They are people. They haven't done anything wrong," she said.

Maher said she hasn't been nervous living next door to the occupation and doesn't believe most of the other residents of the town are, either.

"The only thing I am nervous of is the OPP coming in with guns. The natives don't make me nervous at all."

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