Thursday, April 20, 2006

Evening Update From Kahentinetha Horn

What follows is an update on the day’s events from Kahentinetha Horn:

UPDATE:  6:30 PM STILL APRIL 20, 2006

Canada hasn't learned its lesson.  It wants another Oka summer!  200 RCMP are going to back up the Ontario Provincial Police OPP.   Instead of figuring out to negotiate a solution and maybe give back something they stole, they decided to use force again.  This is a one trick pony.  They are presently waiting at the Hamilton airport where they have choppers and "swat whipping gear" to whip "dem  stubborn Injuns" into shape.   They have all the toys, gadgets and guns.   The whole 9 whistles!  If they leave them behind, we can dress them up with feathers and warrior badges, eh!

Misinformation continues.  

It is Canada and Ontario who are violating the jurisdiction of the Indigenous people.  According to their own constitution, we have to validly give up our lands and sovereignty under Section 132 of the BNA Act.  We never did this. This is not a domestic issue, as they say.  It is an international issue.  We began our r elationship with Britain as allies.  When the British split themselves up into Canada, United States and Britain, we never agreed to join any of them.  We've never agreed to be anything but allies.  Under international law one state cannot absorb another without the fully informed consent of the majority of the population.  Canada agrees with this formula.  In the Quebec Succession Reference, it said that a province could not leave without the consent of a clear majority on a clear question.  Canada and Ontario don't want to play fair.  They still want to be colonizers.  That's why they think they can run around like a bunch of big bullies, instead of learning of history and stealing what isn't theirs.  

According to the Kaianereh'ko:wa, the Women are the title holders of the land.  We hold it in trust for our future generations.  It belongs to our future generation.  None of the so-called treaties that Canada claims to rely on are valid.  None were signed with the authority of the people.  Of course, none were signed by the future generations because they weren't born yet.  

It's not like the settlers will have no place to live.  

They recognize the rights that they agreed to respect. In 1784 General Haldimand made a proclamation on behalf of the British.  He promised that Britain would protect the Six Nations right to occupy our land for six miles on either side of the Grand River from its mouth to its source.  The public needs to be know that it is Canada and Ontario who refuse to come to the table and deal with laws and documents that back us up.  Canadian leaders are announcing they wish they knew how to solve this problem.  There is no problem.  They just have to stay off our land, take their police away, stop trying to invade and stop giving fraudulent titles to squatters.  It's all in their archives.  Canadians just have to look it up.


MNN.  April 20, 2006.  1:45 PM.  Thursday.  The Rotin'oshon'ni Six Nations, with our brothers, sisters, friends and allies, took a stand against totalitarian might.  We could not give into it.  It would have had a ripple effect through all of society.  We stood up for law and order on behalf of everybody.  It's not over.  We repelled the police.  Our supporters came and stood with us.  We now wait.

Right now 50 Quebec Police SQ are standing with binoculars at the end of Mercier Bridge staring across the St. Lawrence River at us here in Kahnawake.  An elderly supporter took out her warrior flag and hung it out on her balcony in a high rise in Toronto.  Canadians are angry.  They feel like they've been lied to.  Vital information has been kept from them.    

The media black out is over.  Our protest is on the front page.  But what does all this mean?  Why was it blacked out to begin with?  What good is freedom of the press if the press is in the pockets of whoever controls the government?  The Ontario Provincial Police OPP had a press conference at 1:00 today.  They're carrying out a court order, the legality of which we question.  The Ontario government doesn't want to take the blame.  The Canadian government's Indian Affairs Department doesn't want to take the responsibility.  [Why should they?  They're the ones responsible for most of the frauds suffered by the Six Nations in the first place].   They both say. "It's a police matter".  

16 protesters were removed from the Caledonia building site using violence and threats.  OPP said they were merely trying to serve a court order taken out by Henco Industries, an American Corporation.  No one has explained how and why the courts and the police became puppets of American businesses.  No one is taking responsibility for the attack on the Six Nations people.  Does this mean that this is a police state?  Who rules the police anyway?  Are the cops in charge?  They seem to be able to do what they want.  Who's next?  Welcome to the new world order!  

The Ipperwash Inquiry doesn't seem to have had any effect on the agenda of the OPP.  They are now dictating to the government, attorneys general, crown attorneys and politicians.  Everyone is afraid of the power of the police, except the Indians.  The politicians have made laws giving so much power to the police that they have created a monster that is taking over.  They cannot put the genie back into the bottle that they opened.  

But the resistance at Six Nations is not what the police expected.  To begin with, none of the people were carrying weapons, other than cameras.  The news blackout was broken because the story got too big for Canada to control.  They could not stop people from expressing themselves, at least not without killing us all off.  We must have our say, no matter how hard whoever controls the government tries to shut us up.  We see that the public is angry because the media never told them what was going on.  Suddenly the issue that has been going on for 52 days is thrown in their faces.  

Say the OPP, "This is no Ipperwash [when they attacked Indigenous protesters in 1995 and killed Dudley George]. We are not taking orders from politicians" [Does this mean they're become a law onto themselves].  The OPP, they tell us, only enforces the law.  Monte Quinter, an Ontario politician, said that the whole question of Six Nations lands has been before the Ontario legislature.  "We've got to negotiate with the people", said the NDP Indian Affairs critic.  Most said they wanted a peaceful resolution.  The facts have to go before the people.  Why is it that the Canadian media never carries any information to inform the public about Indigenous land claims?  This is why Canadians are surprised by what happened at Ipperwash, Oka and now at Six Nations.  It seems that the Conservative party in opposition are still pushing their agenda.  They would like to see the Liberals, who are in power, send the police in to continue the Mike Harris policy of using brute force on anyone who opposes his government.  They want the Liberals to make the same mistake that they made at Ipperwash.  This lead to a big inquiry and a huge black eye for the Conservatives.  

If Canada had gotten away with the media black out, the outcome would been a lot worse.  Because Indigenous news outlets sent messages worldwide, Canada could not hide their dirty underwear anymore.  We have to thank our brothers and sisters all over the world who inundated Canadian officials with questions.  Our people could have been killed and no one would have known about it.  It's strange too that Henco is an American company and the New York Times recently put a story on its front page demonizing the Mohawks.  Is this all part of the plan?

Once the news got out, the police had to back off.  The Indians had cameras everywhere.  The OPP did not want to be on television beating up the Indians.  A few Indians were arrested.  Then they were replaced by more people.  Ontario and Canada are not sure what to do now.  This indicates to us that the Canadian demagogues had a plan to see how far they could get by using force and hiding it.  If they could have gotten get away with it, they could do it elsewhere.  If they could control us, they could do it on anyone, native or non-native.  We were at the point of tipping down the horrible slope that the people of Chile and Argentina know so well.      

Canada has to sit down with the real owners of the land and not anyone else.    

Also, Canada can only negotiate after peace has been established.  Canada may think this unfortunate.  They have to get used to the idea they can't grab everything.  They have to show the world there is going to be no more violence and threats.  Only then can we come forward without fear of being arrested.  

We know what was done to our chiefs in the past. In the 1600's our ancestors were invited to parlay with the government and were attacked, killed or imprisoned.  We never saw them again.  We still have this mistrust for a very good reason.  We want open and transparent assurances.  We want international observers.  The people are the leaders.  The chiefs are merely spokesmen for the people and have no power but to carry out the will of the people.  The government and police don't understand true democracy.  Our people will not fall for their old colonial tricks.  We will not let any of our people be set up, put on ships and die in Europe.    

All over the world despotic leaders are attacking people, putting them in jails, concentration camps, separating them from loved ones, without lawyers or habeas corpus.  It's been creeping closer and closer.  Look at Guantanamo.  Look at security certificates that can be issued in Canada without letting the accused victim or their lawyer know what the evidence against them is.  It has become impossible to put proof forward even cases of mistaken identity.  

We want to show what we have to do when the powerful try to take control of the masses.  We  have been through this many times in the past.  We know who we are dealing with.  We can't be fooled into falling for their trap.    

The media blackout was a total violation of freedom of speech which is right in the constitution of Canada.  The Six Nations had our backs against the wall.  We did the only thing we could do in a nonviolent way.  We are doing this for all oppressed people everywhere in the world.  We want them to see someone standing up to the power of mass control of the human race.  We ask all people to stand with us in solidarity.  We are doing it for all of us.  

We want to help stop the enslavement of everyone who use totalitarian means of brute force.  The only protection we have is for the media to tell everybody what is happening.  Media you're your job.  Don't black us out.  Don't let the controllers of the government shut you down.  Become involved with us.    

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I received the same info but was in and out, with little time to post. Glad you did and that you're staying updated on this important issue. The truth must be told.