Sunday, May 28, 2006

Re: Friday's Post

Reposting the following from AnnaMaries’s Verbena-19 blog:

It seems that this article from MNN that I posted yesterday did not tell the whole story: MNN "Poor sports" in Ontario. 6 Nations "shut out"

Today I've received an email from someone who is on the Six Nations reserve, and was informed that: "The games were called off because one was for Monday when all hell broke lose and the others due to the power outage that effected the reserve as well as all the other people you have heard about. They were told it would take 3 to 4 days to get power back on. So all games have been put over till next week."

I apologise for the misinformation in my previous post, and will try harder to sift through all the information I receive from different sources and hopefully find the gem of truth, since I am a seeker of truth and I do not feel good about my error.

However, the article does give us some insight into the emotions of some people and the need for dialogue, patience and understanding of the different view points. We have not always treated the Native People with the respect that they deserve. Indeed, many grave wrongs and atrocities have been perpetrated upon them by us and our governments. I can only hope that the voices of reason, justice and peace will prevail and that negotiations proceed in this spirit.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! BTW, I'm looking for the same info as you via the same email group (you know which one?) so please let me know if you hear back.

    Maybe we should email Tom directly, as he was there. Please let me know via email if you hear anything further. If you post about it first, then I will link to yours like you did to mine.

    Thanks also for your excellent, elucidatory comment (and reply to Localyokel) on my site. (I've been too tired lately to make much sense in my replies to Local's comments.)

    Are you coming down for the June 16th concert? It should be very interesting and fun! Let me know.

    I'll send you an email with more info. My email address may not be the same as the one on my site, so please watch the subject line to know it is from me.

    solidarity & peace,