Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fascists Deface Mosque in Trois Rivieres

one of the racist posters found glued to the
mosque door this weekend in Trois Rivieres

From today’s Montreal Gazette:

Mosque defaced
The Muslim community in Trois Rivieres is shaken after three racist posters were taped to the front door of a mosque last weekend. One of the signs read in French: "Arab terrorists, get out." Another showed one of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published, in a Danish newspaper last fall that caused an international furor. The third called for young Quebecers to stand up against the "Islamization" of Quebec cities. The posters were signed Quebec Radical, described in news reports as an underground, extreme-right, anti-immigration group. About 300 Muslims live in Trois Rivieres.

(There is also a slightly longer article saying much the same thing the the Trois Rivieres Nouvelliste…)

OK, how many mosques is this that have been defaced, vandalized, had their windows broken so far this year in Quebec? And in Canada, any figures?

Not to mention the harassment Muslims undergo on the streets (you know, like where Mohamed Anass Bennis got shot by the cops in Montreal last December) or in the metros (you know, like where Faycal Zirari was stabbed just before he was deported in March) or anywhere else…

I am completely out of the loop regarding the Quebec far-right, and have no idea who is who. However, there is an excellent article put up by the North East Federation of Anarchist-Communists (Retour vers le passé : Portrait de l’extrême droite au Québec) which explains who Quebec Radical were in the section “Les identitaires québécois”… according to the article the group disbanded three years ago (the web address on the posters found at the mosque has not been up since 2003). This is one of the best articles out there explaining what Quebec Radical were and what groups followed them within their “national revolutionary” tendency. I hope to translate the article soon, but for the time being i suggest those of you who can read it in French.

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