Monday, May 08, 2006

Caledonia News Roundup

Today’s news roundup:

Also check out Budget to feel political heat on aboriginal issues: native leaders (The Hill Times, May 8th, 2006)

Finally, there is a good report dated May 3rd about (amongst man other things) the Niagara Palestinian Association paying a solidarity visit to the site last week, on Mostly Water.


  1. "i guess that's why the South African government was inspired by Canada to set up its old apartheid system, huh?"

    Where the hell do you get off comparing our system in dealing with natives to apartheid!!?? Native people here have as much freedoms and rights ( and in some cases more)as non natives!!! It took a while to give them the right to vote...I'll give you that but it has NEVER been as bad as apartheid! NEVER! YOU insult South Africans by that comparison...did we ever need a heroe like Nelson Mandela to free the natives?
    I used the word 'conquer' in my posts but in actual fact in most cases we signed treaties with the natives rather than have more blood shed. That is MUCH more than any other country ever did.
    I think your comparison to apartheid is not only historically inaccurate but absolutely dispictable. Stay off my blog until you can be more factual.

  2. For readers of this blog who may be confused - the above writer is responding to a comment i left on their blog earlier today, in which i referred to Canadian methods of colonialism having been an inspiration for the 20th century South African apartheid system. (I was objecting to Rue's writing that Canada has provided "more than any other government in any other country has done" for indigenous people [lol])

    (Nowhere did i state that Canada today in 2006 was the same as South Africa in the apartheid era, that'd just be silly.)

    Without going to the library, the source i have at hand for this tidbit about Canada inspiring the South African racists is Olive Patricia Dickason, who has noted that "In 1902, a delegation from South Africa came to study the Canadian pass system as a method of social control." (Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times, McClelland & Stewart, 1992)