Monday, May 22, 2006

"All hell and shit has broken loose"

This just in my inbox:

OPP condone mob rule

"All hell and shit has broken loose"


MNN. 1:00 Monday. May 22, 2006. Day 83 of the land reclamation. In a gesture of goodwill, Six Nations people took down the barricade on Argyle Street in front of the Caledonia at 6:00 am this morning. Yesterday the Caledonians blocked the road for 6 buses of supporters from Toronto. They also blocked ambulances from going to the hospital. One man died alone because they did not let his family go to his bedside. A car with a reporter and some women from Six nations paper was surrounded by Caledonian men and women. They smashed the windows. The Ontario Provincial Police stood around shoulder to shoulder without moving, just watching, allowing the hooliganism to go on. "We are looking after it," they told the Six Nations people. When Six Nations people went to help the people who were being attacked, they were surrounded by more Caledonians, who shoved and hit them and accused the Indigenous people of instigating the violence. When the woman was hit, the Six Nations men jumped in and about three or four big fights broke out. The OPP continued to allow these Caledonian hoodlums to keep up their attack.

The Six Nations have put up the barricade again.

There is a large police presence. But just standing there. They are not stopping the Caledonia people from coming in. Everytime we try to soften things up and deal with people on the expectation they will behave in a civilized way, look at what happens.

This is public misbehaviour which is a direct result of the way the issues are handled by the Canadian government and the Canadian press. They do not present the legitimate basis of the Six Nations people's complaints. They make it look like we are the law breakers. They are wrong in letting the public no know of our legitimate claims. The blame for this lies squarely on the shoulders of the public officials in the way they are presenting this whole issuer.


Try the Prime Minister, the police, the UN, anyone you can think of who may take responsibility for law and order in Ontario.



  1. i am not a native, and only know what's going on from watching TV. i FULLY support your land claims.
    i saw one of your guys chastizing the channel 11 news guys for their slanted reporting. Since i had already noticed this bias in their reporting, i was interested that he said that.
    I've also noticed on the news that the anti native protesters have an awful lot of canadian flags around. This disturbs me no end.
    Today, after the blockade was removed by natives in an act of good faith (which is something they've NEVER got from the Canadian gov't, as far as i know).
    and at THAT TIME, suddenly busloads of people show up to make trouble?
    i smell US style PR work, agent provocateurs, etc.
    There are american agents at work here, i can SMELL them.
    THEY are behind the use of canadian flags at racist rabble rousing events.
    THEY are behind the sudden explosion of voilence, just in the nick of time to keep up the anger.
    Fear and anger are their stock in trade, and the corporate media will generally play along, as seen in ch 11's news reports (and global).
    If you have any idea who these american agents are, or can identify them, please do so as publically as possible, because i don't believe the people of canada are really that fascist (call me naive if you must), i think they're being provoked, their buttons are being pushed in the most cynical way, using their most primal failings, hatred, fear et al.
    i am if you can give me any information about the provacateurs involved, and their canadian collaborators.

    Other than that, good luck, hope you get lots of support from the REAL canadians of whatever ethnicity or background. Justice knows no ethnicity.

  2. x2 On what Lee said.(well, the ideas behind it anyways)

    The non-Aboriginal protestors in Caledonia have no bussiness holding the Canadian flag.

    Aboriginals have been stomped on for too long, and their rights should be defended by all Canadians against the Government; the people of Caledonia should stand with their Aboriginal brothers and sisters.

  3. You guys kill me.

    In Caledonia, we see our flag flown UPSIDE DOWN by a group of natives that have a budget of 6.3 BILLION dollars from the Canadian government and you say we SHOULDN'T be waving our flag in a patriotic manner.

    Are you nuts?

    Look up provocateur in the dictionary. Along side it, you will see a picture of a Mohawk Warrior.