Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Caledonia Stand-off: This Morning's Update & Media Round-Up

According the CKRZ FM’ 9am report, all is quiet at the Reclamation Site this morning.

Ontario Hydro is claiming that the electricity is out because of sabotage – presumably the power tower which was brought down to reinforce the new First Nations barricade – and that it will remain out for days.
There’s lots of mainstream news reports out there. The way in which some of them tell the story is (purposefully?) unclear, so it is worth remembering the order of events: First Nations people took down their barricade as a show of good faith, settlers continued to maintain a racist anti-Native barricade, settlers initiated violence against First Nations people, then finally as an act of self-defense the First Nations people re-established their barricade. According to the Toronto Sun after the barricade was first re-established people from the First Nations side were still trying to reason directly with the white mob, offering a truce and de-escalation and still offering to take down the barricade. It was only once this was refused that they brought in heavy machinery and dug up the road.

So please, let’s be clear: above and beyond questions of sovereignty and decolonization, at this point we are talking about actions of legitimate self-defense.

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  1. Thanks for being such a great resource. I'm learning. Thanks for existing.

  2. "Ontario Hydro is claiming that the electricity is out because of sabotage – presumably the power tower which was brought down to reinforce the new First Nations barricad"

    According to the CBC National last night the power tower which was brought down to reinforce the new barricade was not the cause of the power outage

  3. Wow. The way you tell it, the native protestors were sitting about sipping tea and fanning themselves when the racist frothing hordes appeared to build their blockade.

    Get some perspective, doofus.

  4. Dear Peter:

    The power outage was caused by a car set on fire at the hydro transformer centre that is behind the barricade.

    We can't have perspective, as that would sometimes put the natives into a poor light.

    That the nonnatives got angry had nothing to do with the fact that a native roared up to the barricade demanding to be let through and Janie Jamieson and Clyde Powless just HAD to rush to their defense, pushing through the crowd.The van just had to go through that end of the barricade instead of driving through the rez.(dripping with sarcasm)

    If you sometimes put the natives in a poor light, then they ban you from the site, just ask CH and CHML.

    I live right here and actually see what is going on and it doesn't resemble anything that is written here.

    I just surf over to see what crap they are dishing out to their gullible readers.

    If you want even more hilarious reading, check out Khantineta (spelled incorrectly)Horne's writings from mohawk nation news.

  5. Hey Local Yokel, are you one of the white supremacists, from outside Caledonia that attended the counterprotest on the weekend?

    Did you you get your white sheet with the pointy hood dirty?

  6. I have been found out!!! Yes, my sheet and hat did get dirty and I couldn't wash them as I didn't have any hydro.

    I forgot that you can't say anything negative about the behaviour of a certain segment of our society without being labelled a racist.

    However, I must admit that the "whites" at the barricades acted exremely poorly and I was disgusted.

    Oh no, I have said something negative about those idiot white people at the barricades...I guess that makes me a racist. Can I still wear my pointy hat and sheet if I hate whites?

  7. Native Caledonians Pissing in the Wind --google video

    it sure looks like giving the citizens their road wasn't exactly what they were looking for. does anyone know how to quell an angry mob?