Monday, May 22, 2006

Emergency Alert: Trouble in Caledonia


If you can, supporters of the Six Nations are asked to head to the reclamation site as soon as you can.

Although the blockade in Caledonia was taken down today as a sign of good faith by the Six Nations people, this has been met with an escalation from the settler side. Further postings will follow later today, but at the moment reports are coming in of several hundred hostile settlers who have massed at the site of the confrontation. The people at the reclamation site need support now – if you can make it there please do so.

How to get there: From Niagara Falls and Toronto, take Highway 6 straight south from Hamilton to Caledonia.

From Buffalo take Highway 3 west to Highway 6 and north on Highway 6 to Caledonia.

From Windsor take Highway 3 East to Highway 6 and go north.


  1. Get a job! Not part of Canada, then stop enjoying all we hard working people have built. The government cheques must be so humilitating for such a 'proud' people. IT'S NOT YOUR LAND!

    The so called 'settlers' have worked hard to build this great nation, paid our taxes and our dues. Over paid in fact where you are concerned.

    Sober up...get a your taxes, then we'll 'talk'.

  2. Keep raising the ante and the army will come in. Is that what you want? Keep looking like uncivilized thugs and you will lose any remaining sympathy you have from the rest of Canada.

    Resolve your case to the courts like the rest of us.

    Continue trying to look 'scary' and you will have the average Canadian demanding a put-down.

    You lose my sympathy when you make innocent townspeople suffer.

    Do you wish to project the image of unintelligent thugs? No? Then find a smarter way to assert yourselves.

  3. You and your goons are nothing more than terrorists. You and your pathetic kin are lucky you have a wimp for a premier in Ontario, or you'd all be in jail.

  4. Stop stealing our money and living off of our labour. It's time we sent Clint Eastwood after you crooks.

  5. What the fuck is Clint Eastwood going to do? Go and do bad acting until the land claim is resolved?

    Christ, these racists are morons.

  6. What a loser you are, and from what I can see you don't have much support either.
    The legal injunction against the illegal road block should be upheld by the OPP. The protesters should be thrown in jail and the leaders of this sham heavily punished.
    I have been immersed in the native lifestyle previously, my ex wife is native. I have seen your "proud" lifestyle, rampant with alcoholism, sexual abuse (at your own hands, and within the family). Talk about a screwed up peoples. There are exceptions I will admit but not many, let me repeat that, NOT MANY!
    You talk about respecting mother earth but your people are the biggest hypocrits, your peoples rape and pillage the land and resources without regard. I would rather trust a blind, mute, dumb, severly mental handicapped person's judgement over your leaders.
    As well, I am not a settler, I was born and raised in this country, if you don't like it, you leave, go back to Siberia where your people originally came from during the Ice Age.
    A proud, real, hardworking Canadian.

  7. Verminator: you are an idiot.
    An idiot for being proud to be a Canadian.
    An idiot for adding the qualifier "real" (i don't even want to guess at who you think this distinguishes you from).
    An idiot for embarassing yourself on a public forum with your baggage about your pevious marriage.

    In short, an idiot all around.

    Oh, but you are a great example of the kind of racist idiocy that many people on this continent have to suffer through every day.

  8. Please quit beating each other up! This is such an obvious case of divide and conquer where ultimately the lawyers and bankers win.

    The aboriginals, like the workers, get screwed either way.

    I'm following this development from Alberta newspapers, and I hope to see some sort of miraculous win-win situational outcome.

    Good luck contestants.