Saturday, May 06, 2006

Caledonia News Roundup May 6th

Today’s news on the Caledonia standoff:

Once again, the best place for up to date news is the SISIS web page and the Autonomy and Solidarity Caledonia Solidarity page. For background also check out the Reclamation info website which is in the process of being put up by members of the Six Nations community.


  1. Go back and read that first one again where you think they are talking about the natives being KKK. You have misinterpreted it. They were referring the the flyer that had a KKK connection...not the natives.

  2. Perhaps i was unclear. The quote in question reads:

    Circulating flyers with a purported KKK connection urging Caledonia residents to protest the native blockade is not helpful. No matter how one tries to soft-peddle it, it's also not helpful to see masked men in military-type camouflage behind the native barricades, led by a well-known native warrior.

    What i found objectionable was that this was basically saying "settlers bad for KKK leaflet, but natives just as bad because of warrior involvement", as if these were two somehow equivalent wrongs.