Friday, March 13, 2009

Tomorrow: Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair #14

i ain't gonna be there, but this weekend it's the world-famous Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, destination extraordinaire for anarchist believers, disgruntled progressives, angry kids and dissident intellectuals of the black-and-red variety. Or something like that.

The fun and games are all happening at the San Francisco County Fair Building - dozens of speakers, an art show, panel discussions and over sixty vendors representing the full gamut of North American anarchist opinion today.

While i will be unable to attend - according to mapquest, it's about 5,000 kilometers drive - i'm happy to say that many of the books and pamphlets i have been involved in publishing these past months will be there -
Specifically, i'd really suggest you all drop by and see my good friends at PM Press and AK Press.

PM Press is a new radical publishing house, and they're the folks i was fortunate enough to be able to co-publish my recent book on the Red Army Faction, Projectiles for the People, with. They will be there with copies of this book, so it's an excellent opportunity for those of you attending to pick one up.

At the same time, AK Press, a veritable institution of the North American anarchist movement, will also be tabling. They will have copies of two recent Kersplebedeb pamphlets - We Were So Terribly Consistent and Dr Marie Equi - Queen of the Bolsheviks (see sidebar). Again, this is an excellent opportunity for you all to check out these and other titles, and i f you're so inclined, pick one up, and save on that nasty postage.

14th Annual Bay Area
Anarchist Bookfair
March 14th and 15th
SF County Fair Building
Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way
Golden Gate Park

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