Monday, March 09, 2009

Let's Help Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz Get Proper Healthcare!

The following arrived in my mailbox - worth following up on - please forward, and also take a moment and make a phone call for this still-imprisoned veteran of the liberation struggle:

Long time New Afrikan Freedom Fighter and Political Prisoner, Russell Maroon Shoatz has glaucoma and cataracts in both eye and needs surgery to correct the cataracts. Dr Jin (who is the doctor at SCI-Greene) said he would submit the paper work for the surgery, but hasn't.

Maroon's daughter, Theresa Shoatz, called SCI Greene and spoke to Dan Davis, who said said he was emailing Dr. Jin as they spoke, to speed up the paper work for Maroon's surgery. Dr. Jin responded to the email by sending Maroon back to the eye doctor who diagnosed the cataracts. Once again the eye doctor told Maroon, you don't need to see me you need to see the surgeon. The eye doctor told Maroon he would tell Dr. Jin to once again submit the paperwork for the surgery.

Maroon is also in need of a typewriter, due to the side effects of taking Cipro for more than a year. Maroon began taking Cipro in 2005 for his prostate infection. The FDA has warned the public about the terrible side effects of Cipro, which often causes damage to a person's tendons. Maroon is experiencing terrible pain in the chest, arm, and hands. The tendons surrounding the muscle in those areas are inflamed. Maroon said the pain is constant and describes the pain similar to a broken bone. There is swelling and no ice is available. Maroon complained that writing is difficult, therefore we asked the warden for a typewriter. Theresa spoke to the warden, who told her to just order it, as long as Maroon has enough money in his account, which he does. The warden called Theresa back later and told her that's it's unfair to the other prisoners on Administrative Custody (AC)status if Maroon is able to purchase a typewriter since AC status prisoners are not allowed to own typewriters. Maroon is housed in the capital area (death row). Death row prisoners are allowed typewriters.

We are asking people to call the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Schraff and request that Russell Shoats AF-3855, confined at SCI-Greene:

1. receive the eye surgery immediately to correct the cataracts and also receive the proper treatment for glaucoma. allowed to purchase a typewriter in light of his on going medical condition which makes writing painful, the result of the side effects from taking Cipro.

Call or fax Dr. Schraff
phone 717-214-8449
fax 717-731-7000

people wishing to send letters to Dr. Schraff should send their letters to the following address:

Philadelphia ABCF
P.O Box 42129
Philadelphia, Pa 19101

We will collect all letters sent in and mail them in bulk to Dr. Schraff and also send copies to Maroon.

We also encourage people to write to Maroon:

Russell Shoats
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, Pa 15370

Thank you for your support!

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