Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Montreal Mazda dealership and Bell Canada vans attacked

The latest communique from Montreal's East End - the original in english and french can be read on Infoshop here. Once again, if i see these on the net i'll post them here, if they're in french i'll translate them, but please nobody send me one of these - i'm ok at finding stuff myself.

This communique from the "Your Dog" ("ton chien") comes within days of ATMs being torched by a "Your Uncle Collective" ("collectif ton oncle") and six police cars being torched by a "Your Father Collective" ("collectif ton pere").

Remember: Don't talk to the cops. Don't guess who is doing what. Don't ask questions none of us need to know the answers to.

i see no need to comment on this all any more, you can all read for yourselves:

Mazda dealership and Bell Canada vans attacked
Night of march 17-18 2008

Around 23 cars at a Mazda dealership in Prefontaine had their tires slashed, along with 2 Bell Canada vans sitting in the neighborhood.

We act in solidarity with the inspiring actions taken a few days earlier against police cars and a bank.

The police are scared, the capitalists are scared, but no one else seems to mind the fires breaking out in their neighborhoods.

The media tell us that the police are worried for their "citizens," but the ones who are targeted are not citizens.

They do not live with re-occurring debt, with an escalating rent caused by condo development and gentrification, they do not live under the constant threat of eviction or with the choice of either feeding their kids or paying the bills...

They are the ones bringing us the eviction notices, they are the ones arriving in uniform to force us from our homes, they are the ones who harass us when we can't pay the bills or the debt or the grocery bill...

As our comrades stated before, WE ARE THIS CITY and these capitalist and power driven pieces of shit are not welcome here!

Tomorrow 23 less cars will have a chance to drive around the super-highways that expand capital onto native territory and into undeveloped space: serving nothing but this system that threatens our lives every day.

We hope that the two Bell vans we disabled might keep your cable offline long enough to get the media, mouth-piece of this social order, out of your lives for a day.

In solidarity with every prisoner, native and rebel alike.
The real criminals have yet to taste our collective rage!

Your Dog

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