Monday, March 17, 2008

The Full Communique: Setting Fire to the Hochelaga Police Station Parking Lot

Good one Anarkhia Collective - that's where the complete communique for last Friday night's police bonfire has been posted.

Here is my complete translation:

Setting Fire to the Hochelaga Police Station Parking Lot
The night of March 13-14, 2008

Six Police Cars caught fire at Station 23, on the corner of Hochelaga and Aird.

These are actions against the greater and greater levels of oppression in the neighbourhood and everywhere where exploitation exists and reproduces itself.

We are acting in solidarity with Native political prisoners in America who are still struggling for their freedom and their autonomy.

We are calling on all populations to take back their time, space, the street, the city, and to torch everything that represents authority.

The city is us, it is not a prison belonging to capitalism.

We are not slaves, and yet we build their houses, their banks. their roads, we look after their children and serve them their coffee every morning, we pick the fruit and vegetables that they eat...

The least we can do is to set fire to their cars, SUVs, police cars, their new real estate developments, their big houses, their hotels, expose them publicly for who they are...

The least we can do is to abolish them!!

In the same way, we would like to specify that we support all armed struggle for autonomy and we invite all people to act and to examine their own past and their own role in order to become more connected to the communities which are struggling to get by, and to struggle against all forms of oppression.

Torch the capitalist system, that creator of corpses!

Collectif Ton père

P.S.: The communique is appearing in the events section as the collective is attempting to break through the censorship being applied by CMAQ regarding the true demands behind this actions, which have still not been mentioned in the corporate media.

La Presse in an article just posted does in fact mention this all in the corporate media, quoting pig spokesperson Olivier Lapointe to the effect that this communique "Is being taken very seriously by our investigators. Information regarding that specific group will be particularly studied and verified."

We have no doubt.

Remember everyone: don't talk to cops, don't guess at who might be doing what, don't ask questions which none of us need to know the answers to. Sometimes some folks play for real.

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