Monday, July 09, 2007

"For Reasons Unknown" Montreal Police Open Fire on Alleged Robber, Killing Him

Another person was killed by Montreal police today.

It would seem the victim was holding up a motel in Montreal North when police arrived on the scene. Reporters are saying that "for reasons unknown" the police opened fire, shooting the man several times. A knife was later found near his body.

Over the past twenty years over forty people have been killed by the Montreal police. Some of these were killed "by accident", son on purpose. A disproportionate number - people like Anthony Griffin, Martin Suazo and Mohamed Anas Bennis - were people of colour.

According the the first reports of this morning's killing, the (still unidentified) man who was gunnd down in Montreal North was white.

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    Clearly, this just reveals that Africans live in denial of their own race.
    Asians seem to be fine being called Asians, same for all other races..