Friday, July 06, 2007

Fag-bashing in Quebec City, Boneheads Fingered

Not much to say, other than news reports on a young guy getting beaten up by four boneheads as he left a gay bar in Quebec City last Sunday night.

Note of course that the police say they don't really have a problem with the boneheads, as they're "only" implicated in one or two queer-bashings a years, tops. No biggie...

Now where are those lesbian killer girl gangs when you need 'em?


  1. The police (just like the left, btw) have no bonehead problem... Except that during the night of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste there was a number of street fights (at least 3) involving two gangs boneheads, one gang of 'apolitical nationalist skinheads' (boneheads, if you ask me) and another group of redskins. 3 nationalists where sent to the hospital, knifed by boneheads. Maybe this will finaly turn them against the whites...

    I receive at least one report a month of a violent incident involving boneheads or 'apo'. When it's not an hip-hop singer send to the hospital, it's a gay bashing, or a leftist pub invaded by a mob. While in the past the downtown area was a no go zone for fascists, now they feel confident enough to walk the streets with their patch on! But, of course, we have no 'boneheads' problems. We just have 3 different crews of rightwing (from nationalists to outright nazis) joks organising around town and fighting with the reds and (some of) the street punx to take the control of the downtown area.

    I guess this is what happen when the radical antifas willing to confront them head on are only a small minority, marginalised from the rest of the left (and even anarchist milieu) because of it's so-call 'violence'...

  2. Violence's a bad solution... Because, as we all know, boneheads just need more political education!