Friday, April 27, 2007

Nation of Sheep, Owned by Pigs, Ruled by Wolves

The young guy above is a refugee from Liberia. The photo, i recently learned, is in the latest issue of Adbusters magazine, the artsy self-styled "journal of the mental environment". And the t-shirt he's wearing, if you didn't know it, is one of mine.

The Nation of Sheep t-shirt has always had a broad appeal, i just never sent many of them outside of North America.

Funny how things get around!

(i checked and it was shot by photojournalist Natalie Behring - you can view it on her Flickr thingie here - i'm not sure where, but it is in her "Chinapix" section).

If you'd like to order one of these shirts - it seems lots of people do now - you can use the Paypal system below, or else email me:

(You will notice that my graphic is not as nice as Adbusters' photo!)

Available on white and black, sizes Small to XXL.
Also on grey in sizes Small to XL.
This shirt costs $25 US, postage included (air mail in North America, surface mail elsewhere).




  1. Congratulations!

    Paul J. Balles would definitely agree with your assessment!

  2. That's pretty funny that it's yours. I read Adbusters, seen the picture and thought, "That's a cool shirt."

    Yeah, definitely buying one.

  3. I can't believe that's yours...I saw it in Adbusters and then was searching the net for the picture...