Saturday, April 28, 2007

[Montreal] Event Tomorow about Nepal

i'm kind of annoyed that i only just learned about this - i'm not sure if i can make it at such late notice - but tomorrow there seems to be a promising event at the South Asian Women’s Community Centre about developments in Nepal:

“The Dreams and Realities of New NEPAL”

A year ago the people of Nepal successfully forced the monarchy to accept their desire for a democratic government. Since 2006, when the king acceded to many of the demands of the Nepali people about democratization, revolutionary groups have entered the Nepali parliament. This is a time of exciting change but also of hot debate about the direction in which the revolution is going.

Come hear

Shahrzad Arshadi, Montreal filmmaker and photo journalist who recently returned from a trip to Nepal at the invitation of All-Nepal Women’s Association

Pramod Dhakal, Executive Director, Canada Forum for Nepal; former faculty member Tribhuvan University Nepal

Sunday 29 April 2 – 4 pm [please note time change—it is 2pm and NOT 3pm]
Venue: South Asian Women’s Community Centre
1035 Rachel est (between Boyer and Christophe-Colomb)
Metro Mt-Royal and bus # 11

The event, it would seem, is one of a monthly series of educational get togethers organized by CERAS (centre sur l’asie du sud/south asia centre).