Sunday, December 31, 2006

Two PFLP Statements on the Execution of Saddam Hussein

The following from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on the execution of Saddam Hussein by the Iraqi police state. I don’t agree with the PFLP’s feelings about Hussein, but for those who are interested, this is what they have to say, in two separate statements:

The Popular Front regards the assassination of Saddam, the symbol and epitome of Arab rejection and resistance, as a vile plot by the evil chief Bush.

In a press statement issued by an official spokesman, the Popular Front declared that it regards the act of assassinating the leader Saddam Husayn, the symbol and epitome of Arab rejection and resistance, as the completion of a vile plot hatched by Bush, the evil chief, his fascist administration, and his stooges in the region.

The official spokesman stressed that this assassination comes in the context of the plot aimed
at destroying the Arab renewal project in Iraq, whereby the Bush Administration sought to put an end to this stage of development, progress, resistance, and rejection of American imperialism.

The official representative said that the assassination, which is in violation of all
international laws and norms but reflects the fake democracy that the United States of America advocates, was carried out by political order of the American Administration, which he said, violates international laws and human rights.

The spokesman emphasized that the criminal assassination constitutes an insult to the Arabs and Muslims in the world, inasmuch as it sends a message to Arab leaders that they must remain under the control and in the grip of the Americans.  The fact that this crime was committed on the festival of ‘Id al-Adha is a brazen provocation and an open act of scorn.

The Popular Front praised the leader Saddam Husayn, stressing that he would be remembered forever as the Arab leader who stood up in the face of American imperialism.

The Popular Front appealed to the Arab peoples to move and go out in mass marches in condemnation of the vicious crime against the authentic Arab leader who was always on the side of the oppressed peoples, first of all the Palestinian people.

At the conclusion of his statement, the spokesman saluted the heroic Iraqi resistance front calling on it to intensify its operations against the American occupation.  He called on the Iraqi people to unite and stand steadfast so as to attain independence.

Arabic original:


Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Press Release.

A spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine made a statement denouncing the criminal assassination of the Iraqi President Saddam Husayn. The spokesman said: This crime that the American-British forces have committed is aimed at stirring up increased divisions and struggles within Iraq in order to destroy and partition the country and control its resources.

The trial that was held under the aegis of the American occupation of Iraq was devoid of all legality and was in violation of the principles of international law.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls on the Iraqi people of all backgrounds and orientations to tighten their ranks in confrontation with the invaders and liberate the country in order to preserve the unity of Iraqi territory and frustrate the American-Zionist plans that aim at igniting and fanning the fires of sectarian and religious strife in Iraq and then spreading them throughout the region in order to impose the so-called “New Middle East” that means the fragmentation of the region and control over its resources and wealth.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine extends its greetings to the fraternal Iraqi people and its heroic resistance that is standing up to the occupation and has forced the American scheme into a bottleneck from which the administration of Bush the criminal is now seeking a way out.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls on all honorable people in the world to stand beside the people of Iraq and their resistance and just struggle to expel the occupation, liberate the country, and build a free, united, democratic, Arab Iraq.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
The State of Palestine.
30 December 2006.

Arabic original at:

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  1. Not any middle east expert, but feel i have to toss a word in since Kersplebedeb has posted these PFLP statements as being what PFLP "feels" about Saddam. Truly doubt that many people in the PFLP think Saddam was anything other than a jumped up capitalist thug. The PFLP was founded, after all, to overthrow criminals like Saddam. Think that the PFLP is trapped into making these pathetic tactical statements because the Palestinian people as a whole had a popular alliance with Saddam's regime. Which gave tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees residency, jobs, financial aid. His regime also opposed the pro-American path of "peace" with Zionism and becoming allies of Israel. Think that the point here isn't that the PFLP believes in these ridiculous statements, but how the PFLP has lost its way politically in all the retreats & defeats for its movement. Not an easy situation.