Monday, December 18, 2006

Nazis at Caledonia

While most of the people who have demonstrated against the Six Nations Reclamation outside Caledonia are your run of the mill settler chauvinists, content to believe the oh-so-convenient racist myth that this land all belongs to them, there have also been some fascists and neo-nazis spotted.

The relationship between settler chauvinism, white supremacism, and fascism is a fluid one, and while it would be a serious mistake to view all racists as being actual fascists, in times of political crisis its a transition which can happen very quickly indeed.

Here are two videos shot at recent racist settler demonstrations, in which the fascists can be spotted. Gotta love the dude explaining that the National Alliance is just a "free speech" organization!

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  1. Whooee! Thankee kindly fer postin' up that there video. Most folks ain't gotta clue 'bout what's goin' on an' what sorta outsiude agitators is comin' inta Caledonie an' stirrin' the pot.
    I was glad t' see Judge Marshall get over-ruled. What a numbnuts! I hear-tell Marshall's got a coupla thousand acres borderin' the Grand. Conflict of interest, sez I.

    Speakin' o' two tier justice, McHale gets arrested an' released without charges but when they arrest Natives, they're still in jail. McHale sez he's gonna sue the gummint. He ain't happy beein' (in)famous. He wants t' make money from this here dust-up.

    I'm with you fellers an' gals all the way.