Friday, December 23, 2005

Poster Alleges Rape by Montreal Metro Security

“I was raped by metro security!”

That is the first line on the piece of paper i saw posted on the inside of a metro carriage two days ago, on my way home from Christmas shopping. In fact, as i looked around, i saw that whomever had posted it had put up a half-dozen such posters in that carriage alone. (Seeing as there were so many, i took one off the wall which i scanned - see above.)


And as the metro continued on its way, i saw similar posters had been taped up in some of the stations we passed through…

The complete poster (spelling mistakes intact) reads as follows:

I was sexually assaulted several times by the metro police during the late 80’s and 90’s at the Berri QUAM Metro Station!
They covered it up!
I was under the age of 18.
They lied in court to throw me in jail.
They said in was a raciest in court so the prisoners would attack me!
They did it to me so many times that nobody would believe me!
Still there is no justice!
Be warned the Metro Security is corrupt & they are still working!

What to make of this?

I have seen the metro police beat a guy – with their billy clubs – so viciously that a crowd formed around them, shouting/pleading for them to stop. I have seen them drag a Black teenager out into the snow for having shouted “Jah Live!” to some friends on Christmas Eve - according to the guards, his behaviour indicated that he was on drugs! (In each of these cases they then called the “real police” who came and arrested the victim.) I have seen them trying to stare down teenagers who looked the “wrong way.” And I have seen them cruising young women – sometimes quite aggressively.

Suffice to say that i was not surprised when back in 2002 one of the guys arrested in relation to a child prostitution ring in Montreal turned out to be a metro security guard.

In fact, i believe the only reason that people have not been dying at their hands is that they don’t have guns. (This situation may change as many security guards are now to be recycled into police, who are going to be patrolling the metros with guns...)

So the allegation being made by our anonymous posterer – that metro security raped him or her repeatedly – certainly falls within the realm of possibility, in my opinion.

What do you think?

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  1. That is absolutely horrible. They are pigs. It takes courage to publicize this the way you did (other people i spoke to also saw your posters).

  2. Those racist bastards picked on a buddy of mine who is the most unagressive least threatening person you could run into, just because he has hispanic looking. They threatened him with a 200-300$ ticket, and ruffed him up. On his way home from school passing through the Berri metro station they saw him again and pulled him aside, demanded I.D. gave him the ticked and threw his I.D. on the ground! Now there giving these monkeys guns!!!!!!

  3. you should write posters responding to the one you found and post them around the station. this is a person's cry for justice, and that person's voice needs to be heard.