Friday, December 30, 2005

Jaan Laaman on the Death of Political Prisoner Richard Williams

Political Prisoner Jaan Laaman asked that this Statement on the Death of Richard Williams be passed along, so please feel free to forward this…

  It is with great sorrow and loss that I need to let people know of the death of my dear comrade, long held political prisoner Richard Williams. Richard's liver failed and he passed on Dec. 7th, 2005, in a federal prison in North Carolina.

  Richard Williams, who turned 58 only last month, was a life long anti-imperialist and socialist, one of the Ohio 7 who had been in captivity since 1984. Richard was a  peace and justice activist, a revolutionary and a freedom fighter. He was the people's soldier, a friend and an ally of the poor and oppressed, of the working class around the world.

    As a young man Richard was inspired by the life and words of Che Guevara, and in his own life he became a true example of proletarian internationalism.

   Everyone is invited to post their remembrances and condolences about Richard Williams on 4strugglemag's discussion board - The next issue, No. 6 out in February, will feature material on Richard and his life.

Jaan Laaman
Ohio 7 anti-imperialist political prisoner
Dec. 11, 2005
Walpole, MA

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