Thursday, November 10, 2005


Friends from the Autonomy and Solidarity group have posted an English translation of an article from le Monde: A NIGHT WITH 'RIOTERS' WHO FEEL 'RAGE' by Yves Bordenave and Mustapha Kessous – click on the link to read it!

The original in French can be read on the le Monde website.

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  1. Decades of class oppression disguised as racism has done at least one thing positive: given these disaffected youth and their families solidarity among at least themselves -- which is what the police-state is now working anew to split. Good luck there, culeros. These people DO have a LOT of allies elsewhere who will not buy into "Fortress Europa".

    This episode also exposes the complete collapse of the Euro Left leadership. These people are so compromised, there is no other option but to sweep them aside.

    The REAL organizing starts NOW.

    Revolution in Europa.