Sunday, November 06, 2005

Communiqué from ATTAC Béthune

I have a busy day ahead of me so i don’t really have much time to translate a longer text – plus i have found that increasing mainstream coverage coupled with bizarrely-scanty left-wing coverage from France actually means i don’t have a pile of stuff waiting to be worked on.

What i did find below was interesting for two reasons. First off, ATTAC is a social-democratic network of groups against globalization – not a place i would expect any kind of radical discourse. Second of all, apart from the gripe some sticklers might have that they are accusing “ultra-liberalism” instead of “capitalism”, i think this kind of statement is exemplary – no calls to vote for so-and-so, no calls for peace and calm, no “even-handed” condemnation of both sides, just a “public and unambiguous” declaration of solidarity.

One can find good things in the most unexpected of places!

Communiqué from ATTAC Béthune, November 6th 205
ATTAC Béthune Audomarois publicly and unambiguously declares its solidarity with the people in the poor suburbs, victims of the system of Mr Sarkozy and his friends. The logic of ultra-liberalism always leads to lies, suffering, marginalization and violence. Today we are seeing the results.

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  1. I note from Marxmail that you are looking for translations. No one that I know of translates so much or so well from the French as Mark Jensen of PLU in Tacoma, WA, whose stuff may be found on the site of United for Peace of Pierce County

    David McDonald