Monday, June 05, 2006

[KANENHSTATON] Six Nations people keep the peace despite OPP tactics

Press Release :
For Immediate Release
June 4, 2006

KANENHSTATON, GRAND RIVER TERRITORY OF THE SIX NATIONS- Six Nations Haudenosaunee, in an effort to support continued peaceful negotiations, averted a major altercation between OPP, Caledonia residents and the Haudenosaunee Sunday night, that had been sparked by an Ontario Provincial Police incident, unrelated to the reclamation site.

At about 8 p.m. Sunday night, an OPP cruiser was found on 6th Line near Cayuga Road. The cruiser had apparently been following a car down 6th Line when it was spotted by Six Nations people who surrounded the cruiser. Six Nations police were called to the scene. Two OPP officers were found inside the cruiser with a female constable telling Six Nations people, from the neighbourhood, she was "lost."

The two officers and the cruiser were released to OPP after Six Nations Police charged the officers with trespassing. Six Nations Police and OPP have a mutual aid agreement. However, OPP are required to seek permission to enter Six Nations territory. That did not happen in this incident.

The OPP incident led to a standoff on Argyle Street, between Haudenosaunee and Caledonia people who had once again gathered blocking Argyle Street behind an OPP line. The Caledonia residents carried placards and signs reading "Bring in the Army." The stand off continued until about 11 p.m. when Six Nations people, again, moved back onto the reclamation site, leaving the Caledonia crowd blocking the roadway.

"There were concerns that a barricade may go back up, but we want to make it clear, that the incident involving the OPP officer had nothing to do with the reclamation site," said reclamation site spokeswoman, Hazel Hill. "The people at the reclamation site fully support our negotiating team and efforts to reach a peaceful resolution that will see the reclamation lands returned to the Haudenosaunee.”

For further information, contact:
Spokeswoman Hazel Hill



  1. If the Six Nations protesters claim that they are not Canadians and don't abide by Canadian law. (They state that they cannot be charged, etc.) Then how can the Six Nations police charge a Canadian (OPP Officers)? By the same logic Canadians are non Natives so they are not under Native Law and can ignore these charges.
    But lets say that it makes sense to charge them for being on Six Nations land. Would a non Native also be charged for entering the reserve? Non Natives would not go buy cigarettes on the reserve anymore if that were true.
    Lastly, are people supposed to take Hazel Hill seriously when she has an e-mail address of "Basket Case refers to someone in a hopeless mental condition". I think she should have used a different e-mail address to publish and keep this one to herself.

  2. all we ever hear is how you are all a soverign nation. If this is true why are your children in our schools, we do you take money from the taxpayers of canada who you say you are not a part of. Why are your people in our iniversities free of charge. why are you takinf jobs from Canadians why are your nursrs in our hospitals and nursing homes. If you are so independ start taking care of yourselfs and stop depending on the rest of us for your needs

  3. the previous 2 comments sadden me. as a non-native i can't help but feel a sense of guilt for the way we have treated aboriginal people all over the world. while the incidents in Caledonia have been mishandled by many if not all parties involved, the issues are real, true and deserve the support of ALL Canadians. Despite the atrocities committed by our ancestors we now share this wonderful country and as decent, kind & respectful human beings we need to take responsibility for our treatment of natives and work together to find a way for all residents of this land to live together peacefully. We all depend on each other and should give of ourselves freely and willingly to better the social climate for all.
    It's clear, in reading the comments posted that many are not making the effort to learn the truth before they post their opinions. If you choose to publicly discuss the issues then make an effort to educate yourselves first before making such hurtful comments. You are accomplishing nothing by commenting without truly understanding the nature of the situation.

    here's to furthering our strive for peace & understanding!