Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 11th Media Update on Caledonia

The following from the Six Nations Confederacy Council:

Attention News Editors

CALEDONIA, ON, June 10 /CNW/ - The actions which occurred at the Six Nations Reclamation site and within the town of Caledonia today are very disheartening. The Haudenosaunee are a people of peace and do not condone violence of any form. Our prayers and concern are with those who were injured during the outbreaks today. A peaceful co-existence with our neighbours and the safety of all remain at the paramount of our concerns.

The Haudenosaunee/Six Nations have been working with the Provincial and Federal government to find a peaceful resolution to this tense situation. The negotiations have been promising as a way to work towards a peaceful resolution. The land rights of all our people are of great concern and are at the heart of this situation.

Our people follow the Great Law of Peace and are not a people of violence. An investigation has been launched and the Six Nations police have been asked to assist in this process. The individuals who were involved in these incidents have been removed from the Reclamation Site until our investigation is complete. The findings from this situation will be raised before our Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council tomorrow. The Haudenosaunee are committed to ensure that Great Law of Peace is respected and followed at the Reclamation Site. Today's incidents are reflective of the misjudgment and reactions of a limited few. Those individuals will be dealt with in a manner harmonious with the Great Law of Peace. We are committed to working with the Ontario Provincial Police to de- escalate this situation.

A note of commentary, not in any way reflecting the views of the Confederacy or even of anyone else but myself – a white guy who happens to be sympathetic.

The bottom line for me is that this is an internal matter for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy to deal with. Whether the individuals alleged to have beaten up US and Canadian cops and reporters did so or no, and whether they are sanctioned or not, should not be up to the colonial government to decide.

(My own two cents worth: sounds like regrettable though nevertheless justified actions  taken to protect the Reclamation Site…)

The Canadian State has no legal jurisdiction here, but equally importantly for me anybody acting to defend a legitimate liberation struggle (including of course, but not limited to anti-colonial national liberation struggles) gets my vote of support.

That said, here’s the day’s media reports (note the U.S. press is glancing this way now that some of their border cops got involved):



  1. Just went down to the Frontier (Caledonia) this Saturday night. Just blew my mind what I found out. We are led to believe this about a land clam dating back to the 1841’s. Wrong!!
    The Hennings (Henco) obtained the land before a another man, who also wanted it. This man is called Hill, he runs the tobacco plant on the reserve and was caught in the early 90’s, smuggling cigarettes from the US. He wanted that land to build a casino on it.
    That’s right, this dispute is about a casino!!
    Since Hill did not get the land, he is going to steal it. He brought up two women from the NY reserve, one being Jameson , these two started this protest. Then, Hill brought in Mohawk Warriors from the US, some with Army experience, the leader is (you are not going to believe this) an ex-navy Seal!! At the present, this ex navy Seal is fortifying the land, conducting weapons training with automatic guns (gun registry??) building Bailey Bridges over the RR tracks, cutting trails in the woods for quick escape by atv. Chainsaws are going all night cutting roads in the woods. Gunfire in the daytime. These thugs have gone to some of the residents telling them to leave their houses. These thugs are paid by Hill.
    Now, why are the OPP not doing anything?
    This going to stun you, Gwen Boniface who is the head of the OPP in Barrie Ont. is a full blood ‘Mohawk’ distantly related to Hill. Yep, that’s why nothing is happening about that injunction issued by Judge Marshal.
    I talked to the woman who handled the handkerchief to the wounded CH camera man, she said he was in very bad shape. The OPP did nothing, despite screams from her and others.
    Further, the OPP officer who was run over, was in very bad shape, the native who hit him aimed the car directly at him to kill. Rumour has it, the US Mohawks are quickly leaving for the US to escape attempted murder charges.

    I ask all blogers who read this, to ask your readers to demand the protestors being removed from the site, and McQuinty to ask Gwen Boniface to step down, as she has a very serious conflict of interest here!!!
    Spread this from Newfoundland to BC and email the OPP, Ontario Govt., plus the CBC, CTV, CFRB 1010, CHML 900, and other TV and radio stations and any other you can think of like MP’s, Ont MPP.
    Do this for Monday morning and flood thier e-mails, demand this be looked into

    This land stolen for a casino!!

  2. how's about deleting skyclad's spam. it's on every blog in the near universe.

  3. They were not on the reclamation site!!!! They were on the PUBLIC ROAD, then the natives chased them to the Canadian Tire Parking lot. They were in their late 60's or early 70's....have you gone completely nuts...use the Great law. In case you haven't noticed...THESE ATTACKS HAPPENED IN CANADA!!!!!

    I guess you support sharia law for all Canadians as well...