Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Appeal from Ed Mead and California Prison Focus

The California Prison Focus newspaper was in good part responsible for carrying word of the now historic July hunger strike to SHU prisoners across the state. A hunger strike that CDCR admitted to 6,600 participants in 13 prisons. The SHU prisoners suspended their strike for a few weeks in order to give CDCR time to implement their core demands. That time frame has come and gone. Prisoners are seriously talking about resuming the hunger strike. The next issue of Prison Focus is needed to carry the message of this struggle to the prisoners of California and beyond. But to do that we need money. Mark Cook contributed $2,500 and SHU prisoners donated $300 for the last issue. Now we need the progressive community to kick in for the next one. We need to raise $3,000 during the month of September in order to spread the word for the next round, the next level, of this ongoing struggle. Please donate what you can to California Prison Focus, 1904 FRANKLIN STREET, SUITE 507, OAKLAND, CA 94612 or press the “Donate” button at http://www.prisons.org. Thank you.

Ed Mead, Editor
Prison Focus Newspaper

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