Friday, June 18, 2010

Arrests in Ottawa RBC Firebombing: Courtroom Solidarity Needed!


Saturday, June 19th
9:00 a.m.
Courtroom #6, Ottawa Courthouse
Elgin @ Laurier

Three people arrested in relation to Ottawa RBC Firebombing

On the morning of Friday, June 18th, 2010, three people were arrested in connection with the May 18th firebombing of an RBC branch in Ottawa. At least two of the people arrested were picked up by plainclothes officers. The police have been searching their homes. Plainclothes and uniformed officers were seen going inside their homes, and police cars were seen parked outside. It is not known what they are being charged with, although media outlets have indicated they will all be charged with arson related offenses.

Until we are able to confirm further details, we won’t be releasing the names of the 3 arrestees. But the arrested individuals are all well known, dedicated public organizers committed to working for justice on a variety of issues.

Please come out tomorrow morning to show your support for these three arrested individuals. We are concerned that the Crown may ask for highly restrictive bail conditions or attempt to prevent their release entirely.

More updates will follow, as details emerge. Right now, the most tangible way you can support these individuals is to join us at:

Saturday, June 19th,
Elgin Courthouse (Elgin & Laurier)
Courtroom #6

For media inquiries, contact: 613-304-8770 or

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