Monday, October 12, 2009

October 16th, @ the Maison Norman Bethune: A Look at the Red Army Faction

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The Friday at the Maison Norman Bethune, a talk by yours truly about the Red Army Faction, and about the book i co-published earlier this year, Projectiles for the People, the first volume the The Red Army Faction: A Documentary History.

The talk will be in French, and is scheduled to start at 7pm (though probably not on the dot).

The Maison Norman Bethune is located at 1918 Frontenac, pretty much right across the street from Frontenac metro.

Details at the Maison Norman Bethune website:

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  1. talking of the RAD, have you considered arranging a podcast discussion with the person who runs this blog: As the interview with Sarah Colvin that you can hear on the site painfully attests, he may benefit from a perspective that takes the RAF's ideas, and the national and international context, seriously. At the very least, the juxtaposition of his liberal and your revolutionary position would be instructive to the uninformed.