Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Police Murder at G20 Protests: Video Footage Comes to Light!

Video footage obtained by the Guardian shows that Ian Tomlinson, the man who died at last week's G20 protests in London, had been attacked from behind and thrown to the ground by a baton-wielding police officer in riot gear.

Reports are that Tomlinson was not even participating in the protests, but has been walking home from his job as a newspaper salesman.

In a statement the night of Tomlinson's death, police claimed simply that they had been alerted that a man had collapsed, and sent medics in to help him. They claimed protesters attacked the medics, hindering their attempts to save the man. This video, and eye witness reports that are circulating on the internet, show this story was a lie.

The protests at the G20 summit, and the anti-NATO protests at Strasbourg days later, were some of the most impressive demonstrations in Europe in some time. It remain to be seen what the fallout of this police murder will be.


  1. The police will get away with it. They all was do.

  2. Anyone think that if it was you that violently threw someone to the ground like that scum copper did and the person died a couple of minutes later you would still be free.

  3. i'm not really sure how this video shows what the police said was a lie, but I do not know enough to really make an informed decision on this.

  4. This is only going to get worse. We need to start something to make a difference. See http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/g20/