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Montreal's 9th Anarchist Bookfair: May 17th 2008

Just one week away - hope to see you there:

*The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair on SATURDAY, MAY 17 (followed by a Day of Anarchist Workshops, Discussions and Presentations on SUNDAY, MAY 18) is less than 10 days away! Read below for updates and final details about programming OR click here:*


*- More than 100 book, distributor, zine and group tables from Montreal, Quebec, North America and beyond (on May 17 only)

- Introductory Workshops to Anarchism (May 17), including: "Demanding the Impossible: Sharing Visions of Anarchism" (with the views of thirty local anarchists) and "An Introduction to Anarchism and its Aspirations"

- KidZone! (May 17): A program for kids and their parents

- Resistance 2010 Info Room (May 17), including: "No Olympics on Stolen Land", "An Anarchist Attack on the SPP and G8", and "Anarchists Supporting the Tyendinaga Mohawks"

- Autonomous Media Room (May 18), including: Screen-printing, Sonic Resistance & Video Editing

- English workshops (May 18) include: "Anarcho-Primitivism, Archeology and Anthropology" - "Organizing in Solidarity with Prisoners" - "What To Do in Times of Crisis? Using Harm Reduction to Support Responsible Decision-Making in Our Communities" - "Colonialism, Anarchism and Indigenism" - "Anarchist Legacy: A facilitated discussion about struggle and resistance" – "Abolition of the State: The Nature of the State; How it Could be Abolished; What Could Replace it"

- Workshop presenters include: Autonomous Social Center (Pointe-St-Charles), La Balancelle (Paris), Beehive Collective (Maine), Gord Hill (Coast Salish Territories), Cindy Milstein (Vermont), Philly's Pissed (Philadelphia), People's Global Action (PGA) Bloc (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City), Wayne Price (New York City), Angela Sterritt (Coast Salish Territories), Tyendinaga Support Committee (Toronto), John Zerzan (Eugene, Oregon) and many others

- Art Exhibits (May 17&18) & Film Screenings (May 17).*

*Read BELOW for more details.*
Saturday, MAY 17, 10am to 6pm
CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle
(near the Lionel-Groulx metro)
--> Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy (May 2008).
--> Followed by a full day of Anarchist Presentations and Workshops (May 18,
--> Bring your kids! Kids activities and free childcare on-site.
--> For anarchists, allies, and those who are interested or curious about
--> Free! Welcome to all!*

[The main space is wheelchair accessible. For more information or to inquire about other accessibility needs, see our accessibility policy -- or contact the collective.]*

More Info Below:
a) Booksellers, distributors and political groups (May 17)
b) Introductory Workshops (May 17)
c) Resistance 2010 Info Room (May 17)
d) KidZone! (May 17)
e) Film Screenings (May 17)
f) Art Exhibition (May 17-18)
g) Day of Anarchist Workshops, Discussions and Presentations (May 18)
h) Autonomous Media Room (May 18)
i) Festival of Anarchy (May 2008)
j) Contact Information and Volunteering

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (May 17, 2008) brings together anarchist ideas and practice, through words, images, music, and day-to-day struggles for justice, dignity and collective liberation. The Bookfair is as much for people who don't necessarily consider themselves anarchists, but are curious about anarchism, as it is a space for anarchists to meet, network and share. All are welcome.

The Bookfair is organized in a spirit of openness towards the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism. Together we share a commitment to promoting anarchism through the values of mutual aid, grassroots democracy, direct action, autonomy and solidarity, while opposing oppression in all its forms.

*What Happens at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair? Read more here:*

*::::: a) Booksellers, distributors and political groups :::::*

The heart of the Bookfair is the main auditorium on May 17, 2008 (10am-6pm) that will include over 100 booksellers, distributors, independent presses and political groups from all over Montreal, Quebec, North America, and abroad. A list of vendors from the 2007 bookfair is listed here:

*::::: b) Introductory Workshops :::::*

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 11am-5pm
Introductory Workshops (for people new to or curious about anarchism):

- *"Demanding the Impossible: Sharing Visions of Anarchism"*, with the views of thirty local anarchists! – 11-1pm (FR) and 1-3pm (EN) in room 125

- *"An Introduction to Anarchism and its Aspirations"*, presented by Cindy Milstein (EN) – 3-5pm in room 302

- *"Vivre l'anarchie dans l'ici et le maintenant**"*, avec des militantEs de Québec (FR) – 13-15h, salle 302

- "*ABC de l'Anarchisme*", avec Anna & Marco (FR) – 15-17h, salle 125

- "*Re-Thinking Property, Re-using Space*" (EN, FR) (outdoor discussion, weather permitting) – 1-3pm.

All workshops will include whisper translation in English or French. Longer workshop descriptions are available at:

*::::: c) Resistance 2010 Info Room :::::*

Saturday, May 17, 11am-5pm, room 305

In the year 2010, three major international events will be taking place in the Canadian state: the Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler (Feb 12-28); the G-8 Leader's Summit (June/July, TBA), and the meeting of the NAFTA leaders as part of the so-called "Security and Prosperity Partnership." This room is for organizing resistance leading up to 2010.

11am: *No Olympics on Stolen Land* (EN)

Presentation on the resistance to colonialism on Turtle Island, including current organizing against the Olympics. The presentation will include photos and short video excerpts. Facilitated by Angela Sterritt and Gord Hill, anti-Olympics indigenous organizers/artists from occupied "British Columbia".

1pm: *Anarchists Supporting Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Struggles *(EN)

This workshop will present current struggles on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory from a supporters' perspective, and the impending trial of spokesperson Shawn Brant, who faces 12 years in prison. Facilitated by Tyendinaga Support Committee, concerned citizens, allies & activists who support of the Mohawks of Tyendinaga in their struggles.

2pm: *Anarchist Attack on the SPP and G8* (FR)

A presentation on the anarchist case against the G8 and SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), and more generally, the anarchist attack against colonialism, capitalism, imperialism and global apartheid. Facilitated by members of the PGA (People's Global Action) Bloc in Montreal.

3pm: *North Amerikan Resistance 2010 Strategy and Networking Session* (EN, FR, SP)

An opportunity for bookfair participants, from all over North Amerika, to network and strategize around Resistance 2010 efforts, also providing a space for American allies to talk about efforts to oppose the RNC and DNC, as well as cross border alliances at the US-Mexican border. Organized by members of the People's Global Action (PGA) Bloc in Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City.

Info: - 514-848-7583 --

*::::: d) KidZone! :::::*

Saturday, May 17, 10am-6pm.

Feel like wandering around the Bookfair without your kid(s)? Are they itching for some games, fun activities and snacks?? Alternatively, do you guys need a quiet space to chill out? Bring your kid(s) to the KidZone for tons of radical childcare fun! There will be outdoor activities, a craft/quiet room and workshops for any interested kids. Parents welcome!

Workshops include:
** Instrument making and musical mayhem with the Chaotic Insurrection
* Drumming with Mark
* Face painting and body art with Emily "Mamma Bear"
* Hip Hop dancing with Dylan
* Zine-making with the St. Emilie Skillshare
* Pirate games with Loïc
* Learn how to DJ with DJ Diasporaface
* Soccer with Lissa and Mark*

And more! For workshop times, check out the poster by the front entrance.

The entrance to the KidZone is located at the far end of the Main Hall, on the right side of the stage. Make sure to register your kid(s) before you drop them off!

Kids programming and childcare is organized by the Montreal Childcare Collective. If you're interested in finding out more about who we are, what we do, or you would like to get involved, come talk to us in the KidZone, or get in touch.

Info: -

*::::: e) Film Screenings :::::*

Saturday, May 17 -- Room 202 --10am-6pm
Full film descriptions and schedule linked at:

*::::: f) Art Exhibition :::::*

May 17-18, 2008, on all three floors of the CEDA (2515 Delisle). Art exhibition descriptions linked at:

::::: g) Day of Anarchist Workshops, Discussions and Presentations :::::*

Sunday, May 18, 10am-5pm

There will be more than 10 panels, workshops and discussions during the day. All workshops will include translation for English and French. Confirmed workshops and presenters:


* *"Anarcho-Primitivism, Archeology and Anthropology"* (EN), presented by John Zerzan from the Green Anarchy Collective (Eugene, Oregon) and La Mauvaise Herbe (Montreal). (Main Hall)

* *"Organizing in Solidarity with Prisoners"* (EN), presented by members of Anarchist Black Cross Federation (Toronto/Montreal) (Room 305)

* *"Diverse Experiences of Autonomous Social Centres"* (FR), presented by members of the Autonomous Social Center in Pointe-St-Charles (Montreal) (Room 119)

* *Anarchist Theatre Workshop *(FR), presented by La Balancelle (Paris) (Room 302)


* *Anarchist People of Colour (APOC) Strategizing Session* (EN, FR, SP) (outdoors, weather permitting, or somewhere indoors if it rains).


* *"What To Do in Times of Crisis? Using Harm Reduction to Support Responsible Decision-Making in Our Communities"* (EN), presented by Philly's Pissed (Philadelphia), providing direct support to survivors of sexual assault. (Room 119)

* *"Colonialism, Anarchism and Indigenism" *(EN), presented by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka'wakw, editor of Warrior Publications, as well as the author of "500 Years of Indigenous Resistance." (Room 305)

* *"Atheism and Anarchism"* (FR), presented by Francois Jean (Montreal) (Main Hall)

* *"Free School: One is not born an anarchist, one becomes one"* (FR), facilitated by Barbara and Marike, with the collaboration of local mothers and kids. (Room 302)


* *"Anarchist Legacy: A Facilitated discussion about intergenerationality, struggle and resistance*" (EN), with Mostafa and Amanda, anarchists based in Montreal, and special guests! (Main Hall)

* *"Abolition of the State: The Nature of the State; How it Could be Abolished; What Could Replace it"* (EN), presented by Wayne Price (NEFAC-New York City) (Room 305)

* *"Anarchism and the Quebec Conscription Riots of 1917-1918" *(FR), presented by Marc-André Cyr (Montréal) (Room 119)

* *"Anti-imperialist Anarchist Action and Analysis"* (FR), discussion and panel presented by Block the Empire-Montreal. (Room 302)

More detailed workshop descriptions linked at:

*::::: h) Autonomous Media Room :::::*

Sunday, May 18, 10am-5pm, Room 125

This room will include hands-on workshops that are bilingual and all-ages. The Autonomous Media Room is dedicated to sharing the skills and knowledge of different mediums as deployed by anarchists.

Hands-On Screen Printing for Women Identified Folks (building a frame and making a screen to take home), please sign up - limited to 5 people.

Hands-On Workshop Building a Battery-Powered, Bike-Portable (and Loud!) Sound System (with Sonique Resistance)

Editing Video and Posting on the Internet (hosted by and CUTV)

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Beehive Design Collective's Anti-Copyright Images for Education (60mins) <> Net Neutrality, Internet Privacy, and the Open Source Software Revolution (60mins)

**Making Live Radio**
This day of workshops will be proceeded by a participatory LIVE radio show on Saturday, May 17th: Set-up begins at 12:30pm and we go live ON CKUT 90.3fm from the Bookfair between 2-4pm. Join us to learn how to setup a mixer, microphones, and a webstream for making live radio on the fm dial.

Info: 514-448-4041, x6788 or

*::::: i) Festival of Anarchy (May 2008) :::::*

The Festival of Anarchy has begun! Upcoming events include:

MAY 13-14: *Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival*, with Bread & Puppet, La Balancelle, Le Comité de la fin du monde, and others.

MAY 15: *The Global Economic Crisis: Radical Perspectives, with John Zerzan*(7:30pm, 200 Sherbrooke West, UQÀM).

MAY 16: *Anarchist Cabaret: A benefit for the Anarchist Bookfair* (8pm, Club Lambi, 4465 St-Laurent) with Please Don't Put Charles on the Money, Paul Cargnello, Du faim-fond d'notre ruelle, Team Rocket, Sofisticators, Homo Hobos, Jack Drill, Paula Belina & You!

MAY 20: *Resisting Colonialism on Turtle Island: From the Indian Act to the 2010 Olympics*; a multi-media presentation by Gord Hill and Angela Sterritt at the Native Friendship Center of Montreal (6:30pm, 2001 St-Laurent).

MAY 23: *The People's Camp*, organized by the Justice Coalition for Adil Charkaoui (12-6pm, Parc & Jean Talon); to be followed by a *Solidarity Across Borders Community Picnic* (6pm).
info: or

MAY 26: *Soirée de projection sur les squats et les centres sociaux autogérés* (7pm, Maison St-Columba à Pointe-St-Charles).

MAY 29: *Research and Activism*, organized by le Collectif de Recherche sur l'autonomie (5-8pm, Divan Orange, 4234 St-Laurent).

MAY 31: *Autonomous Gardening!* organized by La Pointe Libertaire (9am-1pm, St-Patrick & Island, metro Charlevoix). info:

Full Festival of Anarchy schedule linked at:

*::::: j) Contact Information and Volunteering :::::*

If you would like to support the Bookfair collective in general, with organizing tasks between now and the Bookfair, get in touch!

If you have other ideas for the Bookfair or Festival of Anarchy, don't hesitate to get in touch with a proposal! Contact us to receive regular updates and announcements by e-mail.

post: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair
c/o QPIRG Concordia
1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest
Montréal, Québec, H3G 1M8

phone: 514-435-2385

Nous parlons français. Se habla español.

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