Monday, October 23, 2006

Home Again, Home Again...

Ah shit!

Been back home for two days now, and in the early afternoon i’m feeling as if i were awake at 4am – which of course i was last night. The joys of jetlag!

For what it’s worth, i’m home now. Slowly getting back to work. Looking forward to working on the blog. Sadly, resigning myself to not being quite up to running around town as i had hoped…

So, although i may not make it, i should (belatedly) send out this heads up, that the 35th annual Festival du Nouveau Cinema has been on since October 18th – and is still showing movies til the 28th. PDF schedule here! I haven’t had the energy to check out any of the movies, so i doubt i’ll get to any of them… but seeing as i was only mildly happy with any of the ones i saw last year, i’m not all cut up about it… (in fact what i am looking forward to is the Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montreal in November… no schedule up yet but i’ll try and stay on top of it…)

Of course, my real joy in October is the annual McGill Book Sale. Yesterday i was just so pissed off when i did the calculations and realized i had been away for the third Wednesday & Thursday of October – the dates normally reserved for the event – but then as luck would have it, i was either wrong about the date or a truly happy exception has been made, because it seems that this year’s sale is happening October 25th and 26th!

For those who don’t know: this is the best place to buy used books in Montreal. Our city has a very sorry English-language used book trade – the average small New England town has a much better selection of old radical books, and at cheaper prices too – but this is at least partially compensated for by this annual two year event. I normally walk away with a couple of boxes of books, all for well under $100, and often titles i could not have found elsewhere. It is really worth devoting an afternoon to, if you can!


I do hope to write a lot more over the next days – there’s lots i was behind on even before i took off, and of course much more now – but blogger seems to be having problems so we’ll see what we’ll see…

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