Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israeli Military Lies About Qana Massacre

From today’s edition of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, an interesting contradiction to the official colonialist line on the Qana massacre so far:

As the Israel Air Force continues to investigate the air strike, questions have been raised over military accounts of the incident.

It now appears that the military had no information on rockets launched from the site of the building, or the presence of Hezbollah men at the time.

The Israel Defense Forces had said after the deadly air-strike that many rockets had been launched from Qana. However, it changed its version on Monday.

The site was included in an IAF plan to strike at several buildings in proximity to a previous launching site. Similar strikes were carried out in the past. However, there were no rocket launches from Qana on the day of the strike.


  1. setting aside even the whole question of whether israel bombed the building, let's get back to basics

    israel drops a bomb on lebanon and civilians die

    why is israel killing civilians?

    answer 1 from your side of the table: the israelis are demented warmongers who love killing arabs and spend hundreds of millions of dollars just to kill a few arab kids (possibly to drink their blood)

    answer 2, hizbullah terrorists are firing rockets at israel using civilian shields as part of a war they started by attacking israel

  2. and from the official 'colonialist' (calling jews colonialists is a little like indians colonialists, a diagnosis of liberal lunacy but never mind that) statement, the site was used for rocket launches, just not on that given day

    in other words the hizbullah terrorists were bombing israeli civilians from that area, just not on that day

    of course your outrage is focused on bombings of lebanese civilians made necesarry by the terrorists themselves and not on the bombings of israeli civilians


  3. a colonialist is a colonialist. zionism is an inherently colonial movement- stated as such by its founders. colonial in that it physically established and consolidated colonies in palestine militarily into the present day state of israel and now uses extreme military force to maintain a racist and illegal occupation and setlement scheme. its not about being "evil." its about maintaining racist colonialism.