Monday, July 17, 2006

Coordinated Montreal Response to Israeli Aggression (17 to 22 July 2006)

Montreal-based organisations and individuals have come together to coordinate our responses to calls for solidarity from our brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Gaza, currently living under a vicious military offensive by Israel which has killed hundreds and destroyed civilian infrastructure, with devastating consequences.

While the Canadian government is, outrageously, supporting Israel's war crimes, members of the Lebanese and Palestinian diaspora in Montreal and those who stand in solidarity with them are taking the following actions in support of the people of Gaza and Lebanon.

==> TO GET INVOLVED: contact details are listed with each of the initiatives below.

==> ADDITIONAL INITIATIVES: As we become aware of further plans, they will be posted at along with updates from Lebanon; please email to have an event or appeal or update posted.

1. PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION against the Aggression against Lebanon Tuesday, 18 July, 5pm Dorchester Square, at 1155 Metcalfe (corner of Metcalfe and René-Lévèsque) Called by: University Lebanese Association. Contact: Wissam Moussa, tel. 514 586 4415,

2. SOLIDARITY CHAIN (info-picket with images of the atrocities) prior to US fireworks Wednesday, 19 July, gathering at 8pm Place Jacques Cartier, Vieux Montréal

Called by: Association des jeunes libanais musulmans Contact: Youssef Hariri, tel. 514 887-7156,

3. FRIDAY VIGIL at ISRAELI CONSULATE Friday, 21 July, 12pm to 1pm NW corner of Peel and René-Levesque Called by: Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)

**Also, SPHR is planning a rally on this day; details to be confirmed. Contact (PAJU): Daniel Saykaly, tel. 514 961 3928, Contact (SPHR): Nasser Abukhdeir, tel 514 991 5146,

4. 24-hour VIGIL at ISRAELI CONSULATE Starting after the PAJU vigil, continuing until the rally the following day. Corner of Peel and René-Lévèsque

Called by: Various groups Contact: Aaron Lakoff, tel 514 985 2085,

5. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION in solidarity with people in Lebanon and Gaza Saturday, 22 July, 2pm Gather at corner of Peel and René-Lévèsque

Called by: Canadian Muslim Forum Contact: Mohamed Kamel, tel 514 863 9202,

6. RELIEF EFFORT FUND-RAISING As increasing numbers are displaced and wounded and civilian infrastructure is destroyed, there will be a huge need for well-directed funds to provide basic survival to people in Lebanon and Gaza. A crisis working group, Relief Center - Spears, has formed in Beirut to support refugees coming into the city: We will be fund-raising to help with the relief effort and possibly others (to be confirmed).

Contact: Lara di Tomaso, 514 695 0319,

7. CALL-IN DAYS and FLYERS To let the government know that many people are outraged by their support for Israeli war crimes, one or more call-in days will be organised. In addition, flyers will be distributed at all events, urging people to call in to PM Stephan Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay. Contact: Nasser Abukhdeir, tel 514 991 5146,

Association des jeunes libanais musulmans Canadian Muslim Forum Coalition against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees International Solidarity Movement Montreal

Members of the Lebanese Diaspora Members of the Palestinian Diaspora Palestinian And Jewish Unity (PAJU) Parole Arabe Presence musulmane Montréal (PMM) Solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) Tadamon! Montreal Voices of Conscience


  1. I don't get it

    why a peacefull protest in support of terrorists killing people?

    wouldn't it be more intelectually honest to have a violent protest?

  2. While Knish - a man interestingly named after one of my favourite snack foods - at least seems to be angling for a sense of humour, "canuck" true to his nic is merely stupid.

    So first things first:

    Jews of Montreal are not mentioned anywhere in the post in question. In fact, "the J-word" is only mentioned in reference to Palestinians and Jews United, a local group which protests Israel's human rights abuses.

    But for some people "Jews" and "Israel" are the same thing.

    I believe these people are either anti-semites or at the very least "objective anti-semites", in that they are implicating all Jews in this criminally murderous enterprise called Israel.

    So that's to you, "canuck".

    Now as to you, Knish, i appreciate thefact that you're trying to be funny.
    Which would normally get you points with me.

    But really, some things aren't so funny... like accusing those demonstrating against the carpet bombing of civilian areas of "supporting terrorism".

    Why don't you go to my "Fuck Israel" post from yesterday and let me know which terror cell those kids belonged to.

  3. Hey Canuck and Knish ,You think Hezbollah is a terrorist organization because your globalist controled medias told you so. What would you do if we had a foreign country attacking us, and when you retaliate (it's the least one can do, which is normal) they call you a terrorist. And what about the use of DU (depleted Uranium) and white phosphorous against innocent civilians by Israel. Harper supports Israel because he is part of that global elite (the Bilderberg Group). And him and his banker masters will only profit from these crimes against humanity. And of course, as usual, nobody will be held accountable for these atrocities, and thats because people like canuck, which are uneducated on subjects like this one, takes the governement position, because he is weak, and he is scared to go deeper in the subject and find out the truth. WAKE UP! NOTHING CAN EXCUSE ISRAEL FOR KILLING NON-COMBATANT WOMEN AND CHILDREN DELIBERATLY!